Who Are The Traffic School Critics?

bored-workerWell, since you asked… TrafficSchoolCritics.comis a very small operation and we could probably be considered legally insane. Do sane people ever consider creating a website that reviews online traffic schools? Absolutely not. So why do we do it? There’s a pretty boring story behind that.

At first, we were going to create our own online traffic school, because that would have been so much more exciting. Problem is, the industry is jam packed with online traffic schools already and we were a bit late to the party. During our research, however, we noticed that the overwhelming majority of these schools are of terrible quality and the prices are way too high. That’s when we thought of a new idea and the Traffic School Critics website was born. Since most states do not screen online driving schools very well, we are going to do it for them. In fact, we created our own certification program. If you pick one of our TSC Certified Online Traffic Schools, you’ll know you’re going with a good choice. We like to think of ourselves as theBetter Business Bureau of online traffic schools.

Yes, We Make Money From This Website!

Some people are a bit confused about why we’d spend all of our time doing this. We spend our time providing this service for the same reason any other service is provided, we make piles and piles of money! Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but we did write a little page on how this website makes money.