5 Best Online Traffic Schools in New Mexico

According to Safewise.com, New Mexico is one of the most dangerous driving states in the US.

It is among the top 5 states with the most speeding, drunk driving, and distracted driving fatalities. In contrast, it is at the bottom of the ranking of the strictest states when it comes to driving laws, according to Finder.com

Just because New Mexico isn’t nearly as strict as other states, though, doesn’t mean you won’t get penalized for committing a traffic violation. You will earn demerit points on your record, which can cause your car insurance premiums to increase.

Fortunately, you can dismiss a traffic ticket in New Mexico conveniently by completing a defensive driving course. 

Furthermore, the state allows you to take an approved online course to satisfy any court requirements.  

Today, we will talk about the 5 best online traffic schools in New Mexico. This way, you won’t have to go through the long list. You’ll have 5 legit, reliable, and high-quality schools at your convenience. 

Let’s start!

What are the Best Online Traffic Schools in New Mexico?

Below are the best online traffic schools in New Mexico:

Let’s review them one by one to help you decide which school is best for you. 


5 Best Online Traffic Schools in New Mexico iDriveSafely

The online traffic school that makes it to every top 5 list is iDriveSafely. It has been around near two decades and continues to be a leading driver safety education provider in the country.

iDriveSafely has one of the most comprehensive yet engaging online courses. It incorporates videos in its lessons to make sure you don’t get bored while studying. The written content is also well-formatted and easy to follow. 

Are you more fluent in Spanish? Don’t worry, the New Mexico online defensive driving course is also available in Spanish. 

What’s more, while other schools charge additional fees for unlimited final exam attempts, iDriveSafely lets you retake the test as many times as you need. Hence, you are guaranteed to pass. 

The exam and the chapter quizzes are easy, though, so you don’t need to worry too much about failing. 

The only pitfall with iDriveSafely is that its customer service is not available 24/7. However, it is still highly reliable. 

The New Mexico defensive driving course starts at a little under $30. You can also get one FREE month of Allstate roadside assistance, which covers flat tire and battery service, towing, lockouts, etc.

Want to look inside iDriveSafey? Check out our video walkthrough below:

Improv Traffic School

5 Best Online Traffic Schools in New Mexico Improv

Over the past years, Improv has been voted America’s best traffic school multiple times. It has also received tons of praise for its award-winning defensive driving courses. 

What makes it unique is its humorous approach to teaching. Drivers dread traffic school, but Improv makes it entertaining. It imparts essential knowledge and skills to drivers through course materials written by professional writers and comedians from Improv Comedy Club. 

Its coursework is backed by science and research and is proven effective in reducing future traffic incidents.

Improv’s registration process is quick and easy. Once you’re done, you can expect to receive your certificate of completion within 30 minutes. 

Improv’s online defensive driving course for New Mexico costs around $30, which includes 24/7 concierge customer service and due date email reminder. 

You can checkout Improv’s defensive driving course with our video walkthrough below:


5 Best Online Traffic Schools in New Mexico Safe2Drive

Safe2Drive’s 6-hour driver safety course consists of 11 short chapters, which include interactive animations, games, and videos. 

It’s completely self-paced, so you can start and stop anytime. However, the course content is engaging enough to keep you in your seat to finish it in one day. 

There are 10-item multiple-choice quizzes after every chapter and a 50-item final exam at the end of the course. You can retake them as many times as you need, although most students pass the first time.  

The course costs a little over $25. It includes a money-back guarantee as well as free certificate shipping via USPS First-Class Mail.



DrivingUniversity is an online driving and traffic school that offers fast, easy, and affordable courses. 

Its coursework is clean and straightforward. It has a click-through layout that lets you easily navigate the course. It also includes jokes and funny photos that add humor to the coursework.

DrivingUniversity’s online defensive driving course for New Mexico costs around $30. If you need your completion certificate urgently, the school can send it to you via FedEx Next-Day Delivery for an additional fee of $30.    



GoToTrafficSchool is one of the most trustworthy online traffic schools in the US. It’s known for being one of the earliest adopters of online education in the country and is thus one of the most established.  

It is also one of the cheapest online traffic schools you will ever find. Its defensive driving course fee for New Mexico starts at around $20. You can also upgrade to an audio read-along format, which will cost you an additional $5. 

For the low price, though, you get what you pay for. GoToTrafficSchool’s coursework is text-heavy and less interactive than other available courses. It includes photos and videos as well, but don’t expect anything fancy.

GoToTrafficSchool is a quick way to finish the course, though. Because the course doesn’t have much multimedia content, it is easier to blast through. What’s more, you won’t need to install applications such as Flash player as the course layout is simple and mobile web browser-friendly. 

Note: GoToTrafficSchool is currently not yet approved in New Mexico for ticket dismissal. If you want, you should ask your court handler if he/she will approve the course. 

Check our video review for a walkthrough of GoToTrafficSchool:

Online Traffic Schools in New Mexico FAQs

Can I take an online traffic school course in New Mexico?

Yes. New Mexico is one of the states that allow the use of Internet-based defensive driving courses. There are more classroom-based programs, but the state has approved online traffic schools. 

Can I dismiss a traffic ticket via an online traffic school in New Mexico?

Yes, New Mexico allows traffic ticket dismissal through the completion of an online defensive driving course at a traffic school. However, you must first request approval from your local court. 

Who is eligible for online defensive driving in New Mexico?

Anyone may take an online defensive driving course in New Mexico for auto insurance discounts or educational purposes.

For ticket dismissals, below are some of the basic requirements for online defensive driving in New Mexico:

  • You must possess a valid, non-commercial New Mexico license. This means that your license must not be suspended. 
  • Your traffic citation is a minor and non-criminal violation. 

You will also be eligible if you have been ordered to fulfill a court requirement if your license has been suspended.

Is an online traffic school in New Mexico better than a classroom?

It really depends, but overall, an online traffic school in New Mexico is more cost-efficient than an in-person option. You get to do everything from home and skip the commute to the classroom, as well as the boring classes that last for hours. It is also more convenient because you have complete control over your pace.    


An online traffic school is indeed the most convenient way to dismiss a ticket. 

While it can be a solution to avoid more demerit points, we also recommend taking an online traffic school course for supplemental learning. 

It will not only help you qualify for an auto insurance discount but will teach you essential tips and techniques on how to be a safer driver. 

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