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TrafficSchoolCritics.com Disclaimer

TrafficSchoolCritics.com provides information on a “best intentions” basis. While much research has gone into the accuracy of information provided within this site, none of this information should be construed as professional or expert advice. All content on this website is for informational and entertainment purposes only and may be provided as a source of paid advertising for online based traffic schools, driving schools, online drivers ed programs, or any other products and services we recommend, offer, or promote. TrafficSchoolCritics.com, its owners, affiliates, advertisers, contributers, partners, or anyone else affiliated with TrafficSchoolCritics.com in any way makes no claims to its accuracy or completeness and assumes no liability for information found on TrafficSchoolCritics.com or on any websites linked to or from TrafficSchoolCritics.com. In no event shall TrafficSchoolCritics.com, its creators, directors, partners, advertisers, affiliates, or employees be liable for any damages including general, direct, or consequential damages, losses, costs, charges, demands, or claims for lost profits or expenses of any kind or any claims of negligence. Any references or information from TrafficSchoolCritics.com, or any references or information to TrafficSchoolCritics.com are not meant to be professional or expert references. While we believe the information on this site is safe and accurate and we make every attempt to only show information that meets the highest of safety and quality standards, we absolutely cannot guarantee its accuracy or the level of safety this information provides. Any information you share from TrafficSchoolCritics.com or its partners is considered your liability and it is your responsibility. TrafficSchoolCritics.com assumes no responsibility for any property damage, physical damage, mental effects, health effects, death, or any other consequence to behavior performed as a result of the information provided on this or any other site affiliated with TrafficSchoolCritics.com. If there are any questions about this disclaimer, please contact TrafficSchoolCritics.com by sending an email.