How To Take LA Traffic School Online

How To Take LA Traffic School Online

While it might not be the case in cities like New York or Tokyo, there’s one thing everyone can agree on about Los Angeles; if you can’t drive a car, you may as well not live here. This is a city that is entirely dependent on its roadways, and your ability to hop in a vehicle when you need to. We might have a train system here now, but it’s still no easy substitute if you want to get down to Santa Monica beach and hit the boardwalk. So you’ll need to get a driving license, which, in and of itself doesn’t have to be particularly difficult. Many people come to LA from other states or countries with a license already. Younger residents can apply for one when they come of age. But one option for some—for different reasons—is to attend an LA traffic school. Before we get into the specifics, here are some of the higher rated LA traffic schools you can take online…

Top-Rated Online Traffic Schools

Traffic Schools Is Not Drivers Ed

There is a big difference between an LA traffic school and a drivers ed course. Drivers ed, is short for drivers education, and that’s exactly what it sounds like; teaching people with no experience in driving exactly how to do so. You need to have and demonstrate your driving skills in order to qualify for a license if you’ve never held one before. An LA traffic school on the other hand, is more about traffic law and driving theory. There are a few reasons that some people would want to attend this type of school. For some drivers, it may be a chance to earn a discount on auto insurance, as some companies will actually lower rates with proof of attendance from a school. Other drivers may need it to get rid of points accumulated through one traffic ticket too many handed out by the LAPD. Whichever reason you have, there’s an LA traffic school that’s probably a good fit for you and your needs. But then the question becomes, how do you attend one of these?

New Versus Old

These are basically two ways that people in Los Angeles County can attend an LA traffic school. The traditional way is exactly what you’d imagine; you track down a school, sign up for the classes, then go in on the appointed days during the week, at the appointed time. You absorb your lessons, and, when you’re ready, you write a test to prove you’ve retained what you’ve been taught and are issued your proof of certification. For some people this may be the easier and preferred way to go about things. But, we do live in the 21st century, and there’s another option for going to an LA traffic school; do it online. When you take the online route, you lose the connection with a classroom filled with fellow students, and a teacher. However, you also lose needing to commit to a fixed schedule during the week, and having to commute to wherever the class is located.

Choose Carefully

How To Take LA Traffic School OnlineOne of the first things you should do if you decide to sign up for an online LA traffic school is do your research about state validity. The location of a school doesn’t matter, since this is a digital course, but just because a school can be located anywhere, it doesn’t mean that the state of California will accept your certification from that school as valid. Part of your research is made much easier by going to websites like the one you’re reading now, which give thorough, professional, and updated reviews on your online traffic school options. This also includes the important information such as which states they are licensed to instruct, complete with legally recognized certification of proof of completion. If you’re looking for a good LA traffic school, we have a few options to recommend based on different needs that you may have.

The Balanced Approach

If you want something that’s flexible, then the LA traffic school that’s offered by might be a good match for you. This school comes in two different formats. For people that prefer something a bit more interesting and dynamic, the course material is presented as video content. For people that can process information quickly through text, the course is also available in standard text format. One of the nice things about this is it gives you the option to study your way. If you like, you can watch videos in your spare time in the evenings over the course of a week. Or, if you’re in a hurry, you can “cram” through the text in a single day, write your test, and get your certificate of completion. It’s all up to you.

The Entertaining Approach

For other people, a straightforward presentation is a fast track to forgetting. The Improv Traffic School is perfect for these people. This is one LA traffic school with a difference, as it’s taken professional comedians from the city and had them contribute to spicing up the course presentation. If you want to learn, and laugh, then you’ll probably get a lot more value out of this course. The material itself is dry, but the way they present it makes it memorable. Of course, this also means sitting through a lot more video content, but when it’s fun and easy to watch, the longer duration isn’t so bad.

The Professionals

For people that are really in a hurry, is a great choice. This LA traffic school is very experienced and very flexible. They even have their course available on desktop/laptop and mobile platforms, so you can learn from your phone or tablet if you’re so inclined. You can take your time if you want, just make sure to not take too much time if you’re dealing with a ticket situation; most point erasure procedures will only recognize your traffic school completion if it’s done within 90 days of receiving the ticket. Once you’re done, you don’t even need to submit proof to the state of your course. The Aceable system will inform the California DMV automatically once you’ve completed the course and passed your test. For people that are all about efficiency, this is a great choice, and their experience with getting people insurance discounts and erased points is a big plus. When you’ve made your decision, make sure to take advantage of any special offers available so you can get more value for your money. Some of these schools may offer special discounts to welcome you to the class, and we periodically offer some introductory discounts ourselves. Take a quick look to see which schools appeal to you in terms of giving you what you need, then see if you can make your money work a little harder for you when you decide to sign up and register.