Oakland Traffic School Courses You Can Take Online

Oakland Traffic School Courses You Can Take Online

Oakland is a pretty busy place, and that’s no real surprise for residents or people who do business here. It plays host to one of the busiest ports in America, but on top of that, has a strategic location near San Francisco that puts it right in the sights of the same dynamic technology industry that is driving so much of California forward.

But to really make the most of what Oakland has to offer both as a place to live and as a place to work, having access to a car and the ability to drive it can make a big quality of life difference. Like many places in America, you could rely on public transportation in Oakland, but it’s a pretty big limiter compared to what you can do when you can drive your own car.

If you want to make the most of your driving experiences in Oakland, there’s one additional thing you can do to help your driving. You can try going to an Oakland traffic school.

Better For You & Everyone

An Oakland traffic school is not the same as a driving school. Driving schools are for teaching you the fundamentals of operating a car, and learning the absolute minimum of traffic law that you need to get by. An Oakland traffic school doesn’t do this. In fact, it assumes that you already have the basics down, and instead tries to improve what’s already there to make you a safer, better driver.

This has a lot of benefits for people in different ways. If you’re only just learning to drive, this can give you some vital techniques in defensive driving, as well as a greater awareness of traffic laws that makes you a safer driver for yourself, your passengers and others on the road. For others, proof of having attended an Oakland traffic school can mean a discount on insurance rates. And for drivers with some legal trouble, attendance at an Oakland traffic school means that points accumulated due to moving violations can be erased, reducing the risk of a license suspension. Whatever your motivation may be there, are definite perks to attending an Oakland traffic school, and, fortunately, there’s also more than one way to go to school.

Education In the Internet Age

There are two ways to go an Oakland traffic school. The traditional way is looking up the schools that are close to you, and then looking at their class schedules. Then you need to find time either in the day or in the evening, and clear that time out of your schedule so you can head down and attend the classes with other students.

The other way takes advantage of the online era we now live in. Instead of physically attending a class, you take an online version of an Oakland traffic school. You get all the same material as you would from a traditional school, but you take it at your own pace and on your own schedule. This is a much better alternative for people that need a bit more flexibility in their schedule, especially if professional or family commitments take priority.

If you’ve decided that taking an online Oakland traffic school is the right decision for you, we’ve already compiled a few suggestions for places you can start. All of them are certified for California, meaning that upon completion, the California DMV as will validate that completion towards traffic point erasure. This also means that the California certification will be recognized by those insurance companies that provide discounts for people with proof of attendance.

1. Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School

There are going to be some people who—regardless of how useful the information may be—will have a hard time getting excited by defensive driving techniques or traffic law and theory. For those people, one of the recommendations that we like to make is the Improv Traffic School.

This Oakland traffic school has its roots down south, in the city of Los Angeles. They realized that some people might struggle with the dry material, so they decided to embellish on it, and they did it with comedy. They sought out professional comics in the LA scene and had them contribute their material to the state-mandated material. The result is a lot of jokes, comedy, videos and interactive sequences that give a bit more life to what some might call a dry topic. For people that may be worried about getting bored by the material, this is the one we consistently recommend.

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2. Traffic School 101

Traffic 101

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some people prefer speed and efficiency over everything else, although this requires a certain mindset. Anyone that has strong skills in traditional methods of study will probably find Traffic School 101 to be a good option. It exchanges a lively presentation of the material for a more text-based format.

The good thing about this is that it means that people who absorb information through text and read it quickly can if they prefer, finish the entire course in a day. Of course, that means having a certain attitude and ability to process and retain. There aren’t going to be jokes and videos here, but there is an ability to finish the course quickly for those that want it. The material is identical to what you get in other more media-friendly courses, just text-based.

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3. iDriveSafely


If you want something that has both quality and choice, then iDrivesafely.com is great option that we’ve been recommending for years, and is one of our top picks. The biggest reason we advocate this school is quality; it’s proven itself time and again over the years. As an Oakland traffic school, it’s actually one of the oldest, since it started operations in the 1990s.

It’s also an Oakland traffic school with a reputation for quality. It has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and has consistently reviewed well in terms of teaching material and results. They offer students the ability to either take the material with videos and other interactive elements, or read the material if they prefer. Which your preference they can meet it.

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As you’re deciding which Oakland traffic school to take, look over our in-depth reviews of these and many other schools. You’ll get a better, more detailed idea of whether they’re compatible with your needs. And if you look carefully, sometimes these schools even have special bonus offers or periodic introductory discounts that can save you some money when you register. Don’t miss out on these special offers, get some added value for your money.