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Getting a traffic ticket is a drag, but what’s even more of a drag is getting a point against your California driver’s license and seeing your insurance rates soar. And that’s why traffic violator school was invented. Back in the day, masking your ticket and saving yourself the point meant attending traffic violator school in a classroom setting for eight solid hours on a Saturday. Nowadays, though, thanks to the advent of the Internet, you can attend traffic school online, in your own time, in your own happy space. 4 Lazy Traffic School is one of many California online traffic schools.

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Is 4 Lazy Traffic School Legit?

4 Lazy Traffic School opened its virtual doors in 2012, which makes them relative newcomers to the online traffic violator school scene. Fully licensed by the DMV to provide traffic school in all California counties, 4 Lazy Traffic School is as legit as any other online traffic school out there.

Features of 4 Lazy Traffic School


The home page of 4 Lazy Traffic School’s website features a picture of a guy lying on the floor using his laptop as a pillow and one of a woman dozing on the couch with her laptop on her belly, her arm hanging off the couch. Since you probably need to be awake while you take your online traffic school course, 4 Lazy Traffic School offers a comedy course to keep you alert , engaged, and laughing you way through the course. They promise an easy-to-read program accompanied by colorful graphics, cartoons, jokes, and videos for your entertainment. The course costs $19.99, which is a pretty standard price for traffic school, neither the most nor the least expensive. The cost of the program includes the course, the final exam, and the electronic submission of your completion certificate to the DMV and presiding court. 4 Lazy Traffic School offers a couple of guarantees. First, they’ll match the price of any online traffic school, as long as it’s licensed for use in the county where you received your ticket. All you have to do is call 4 Lazy Traffic School before you register. Secondly, they boast a “Money Back Guarantee*” but don’t offer any details, and the asterisk seems to be there just for kicks, because there’s no footnote pertaining to this guarantee. Unlike most traffic schools that take up to three business days to transmit your certificate, 4 Lazy Traffic School does it immediately, which means that if you waited until the last minute, you don’t have to pay extra for expedited transmission. The course is available in Spanish as well as English, and unlike some traffic schools out there, you don’t have to pay more for the Spanish version. Customer support is officially available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, but 4 Lazy Traffic School wants you to know that they’re (apparently) workaholics and are usually in the office until 11:00 p.m. or even later, including on Saturdays and Sundays. What could they be doing there that late, seven days a week? Nobody knows. The site has an FAQ link, but it takes you to the course selection page rather than to an FAQ page, so that’s not much help.

How it Works

Once you register for the course and pay your $19.99, you can start taking the course right away. Each chapter features a short quiz at the end, and you have to pass the quiz to move on to the next chapter. You can take as many cracks at the quiz as you need to pass it. The final exam consists of 25 multiple choice questions. You have two attempts to pass the test, and if you fail both times, you’ll have to pay to re-take this or another course. But since the exam is open-book and you can look back through the course material (or just Google the question,) you really have no excuse for not acing the test on the first try. Once you pass the test, your completion certificate will immediately be submitted electronically to the DMV and presiding court. And that’s it! You’re done! Now you know that the red octagon that says STOP actually means “stop!” So you shouldn’t have any more trouble with traffic violations, right?

What We Like About 4 Lazy Traffic School

We like the price match guarantee. We might like the Money Back Guarantee*, but we don’t know what it’s all about. We like that 4 Lazy Traffic School submits your completion certificate immediately instead of within the usual 3 business days, potentially saving you $25 for next-day delivery or $15 for 2-day delivery, which is what many a traffic school charges to expedite the transmission.

What We Don’t Like About 4 Lazy Traffic School

Since there’s no mention of timers, we don’t like that there’s a chance you’ll have to stay on each chapter for a prescribed period of time, usually 40 minutes, which means that if you finish the chapter in 15 minutes, you have to go make trouble elsewhere for 25 minutes before you can move on to the next chapter. And since there’s no mention of whether the course is available on mobile devices, we’ll have to assume you can only take it on your laptop or desktop computer, which could be a little more limiting, depending on whether you were hoping to take the course on your phone or tablet during your carpool commute or while you sit in your car waiting for your kids to finish messing around at the mall.

Rating for 4 Lazy Traffic School

4 Lazy Traffic School is a perfectly respectable traffic violator school. The price is decent, but the course may be timed. The price match guarantee is nice, but the course may not be available on your mobile devices. However, they do offer immediate certificate transmission. This course receives a solid 3 star rating, making this an average quality online traffic school.

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