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Let’s face it: no one wants to attend traffic school. Yet if you get caught speeding or rolling through a stop sign, it might be one of the only options you have. In California, the state allows (and sometimes even requires) certain traffic violators to attend traffic school to get a refresher course in local driving laws. The benefit to you is that the violation is often masked from your permanent record, keeping your insurance rates from skyrocketing in the process. While traffic school was once regulated to dingy, stuffy classrooms, a new breed of traffic school has arrived on the scene. These online traffic schools can be completed entirely online from the comfort of your own home at your own pace. Clear A Ticket is one such online traffic school. Below we look at how they stack up against the competition. If you’re looking for an online traffic school in California, then our review of Clear A Ticket below is for you.

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Is A Legit Online Traffic School?

The short answer is, yes, Clear A Ticket is legit. They’re licensed by the DMV for use in all of California’s counties. It doesn’t matter what county you got your ticket in or where you live – you can use Clear A Ticket to mask your violation. The company currently has the DMV license number E1890. Customer Support Overview


Clear A Ticket provides a variety of ways to get into contact with their support staff. Though they don’t delve into any of these ways into much detail, they do assure you that their friendly, professional representatives will point you in the right direction in little time at all. So what are your options when you have a question? Perhaps the easiest is to call the provided number between the hours of 7:30am and 4:00pm PST. This phone line is staffed Monday to Friday. Unfortunately, Clear A Ticket doesn’t provide live phone support on the weekends. Don’t feel like talking to a human? Clear A Ticket also offers both email and chat support. Head over to their website during business hours and you’ll be immediately greeted by a live representative through the built-in chat function. This is a nice touch we wish more online traffic schools would get on board with.

How Works


Everything about Clear A Ticket is simple and straightforward. Taking the course starts with registration and paying the small one-time fee. This fee not only purchases the course, but also the final exam and automatic electronic delivery of your certificate of completion to the DMV and the court in question. Finished with registration? You’re allowed to jump into the coursework right away. You’ll notice right away that Clear A Ticket takes a fun approach to online traffic school. What we mean is that they break up the written content with colorful videos and illustrations. Of course, these don’t exactly make the course fun, but they sure do make it more bearable. Each chapter of the coursework is followed by a short quiz. These quizzes are designed to help you better prepare for the final examination. Once you’re finished with all of the quizzes, you’ll be given the chance to take this exam. It consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. You’re required to answer 70 percent or more of them correctly to pass. The pass rate at Clear A Ticket is 99 percent. The reasons for this are numerous. For starters, the course is easy and very informative. The exam is also open book and you’re given two attempts to pass it. With that said, just about everyone should pass it on their very first attempt.

How Long Does the Course Take?

Select Clear A Ticket as your online traffic school and you’re looking at about 8 hours of coursework. This is the DMV-approved length of an online traffic violators course. It’s roughly equivalent to a traditional classroom course.

What We Like About

Clear A Ticket has a lot going for it. At the top of the list is its low price. You get a lot of bang for your buck for the price you pay for this online traffic school.

What We Don’t Like About

Honestly, there’s not much to dislike about Clear A Ticket. If we had to pick one thing, we’d say that we’d like to see their customer service hours improved. Even just a few hours of phone support on a Saturday morning would be very helpful to those of us working jobs during normal weekday business hours.

In Summary

Clear A Ticket does a lot of things right. In our opinion, they score about average for an online traffic school in California. Indeed, the vast majority of previous customers are happy with the coursework. It’s a fast and simple, cheap and easy online traffic school that gets the job done.

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