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Fast 4 U Traffic School is, well as you might imagine from the name, fast for you. It’s one of the fastest online traffic schools to complete. Indeed, it’s their quickness along with their convenience and simplicity that has made Fast 4 U Traffic School such a popular option in California. No one wants to take a traffic violators course and this company knows that. So they’ve fine-tuned every aspect of their business to be as simple and straightforward as possible. So how does Fast 4 U Traffic School stack up against the competition in California? What is it that sets this online traffic school apart? We answer both of these questions and more in our review of Fast 4 U Traffic School below. The goal of our review is to help you decide whether choosing this particular school is best for you.

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Is A Legit Online Traffic School?


“Legit” could very well be the middle name of Fast 4 U Traffic School. Licensed and certified by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, they sport a DMV license number of E0384. It’s easy to research this license number to further verify their legitimacy on your own. Unfortunately, Fast 4 U Traffic School doesn’t offer much information about their company on top of the basics. Though their website discusses their services in detail, they don’t delve into their company background at all. We don’t know why they maintain this lack of transparency. Even a sentence or two about their company would do wonders to establish an increased sense of trust and legitimacy. Customer Support Overview


Fast 4 U Traffic School is somewhat vague about their customer support. They claim to offer “7 days support” on their website but don’t elaborate much. For instance, Fast 4 U Traffic School lists their normal business hours as 8am to 4pm PST Monday to Friday. Naturally, this is the best time to contact the company with a question or concern. However, they go on to state that they also offer live customer support on evenings, weekends, and holidays. We’re not sure if this means they offer 24/7 support or simply support extended slightly outside of their business hours. We’d like to see them clear up this information on their website in the future.

How Works

Fast 4 U Traffic School makes erasing a driving violation from your permanent record easy. Their online traffic school consists of three straightforward steps. These include registration, completing the coursework, and passing the final exam with a 70 percent or higher grade. Registration comes first. All that it consists of is entering your personal information and traffic ticket information. Fast 4 U Traffic School will then verify this information. Once it’s verified, you’ll be asked to enter your personal payment information. All of your information is kept private during these steps with high-grade SSL encryption. Completing the coursework comes after registration. Fast 4 U Traffic School provides this coursework in the form of several chapters. Each chapter is filled up with pictures, videos, and animations to make it more interesting. Each chapter is followed by a short 5-question quiz to ensure that you’re actually reviewing the provided course material. The final step of the Fast 4 U Traffic School process is taking the final exam. As we mentioned above, a 70 percent score or higher is required to pass. Fortunately, you are given two attempts on the 25 multiple-choice question exam. It’s also worth noting that the entire exam is open book. As soon as you pass the final exam, your certificate of completion is sent to both the DMV and the court. You are also given a copy. In reality, that’s really all there is to taking and completing an online traffic course from Fast 4 U Traffic School!

How Long Does the Course Take?

Fast 4 U Traffic School’s online course is constructed to last around 8 hours, including the final exam. However, the course does not require a course timer. This means you can complete the course in as little or as much time as you need.

What We Like About

Well, it might already be obvious, but we really like the fact that Fast 4 U Traffic School is so fast. The entire service is simple and straightforward to use so you’ll be able to complete the coursework in as little time as possible with absolutely no hassle.

What We Don’t Like About

We wish that Fast 4 U Traffic School would clear up their customer service information on their website. We’d like to see them list actual live phone support hours rather than vague claims to evening, weekend, and holiday support.

In Summary

Cheap, convenient, easy to use, and fast all describe Fast 4 U Traffic School. If that sounds like what you want out of an online traffic school, then this is one option worth investigating further.

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