We are going to go out on a limb and say that even if you are making the voluntary choice to take a defensive driving course, or any driving course, you aren’t necessarily excited about it. Luckily, Texas has some of the best online driving courses and regulations that not only benefit you as a driver but also your insurance, all while making convenience a top priority. By taking an online defensive driving course you will seem like a real adult all while watching videos on your computer, like any other night. There are tons of positive reasons to consider online defensive driving courses in Texas and they greatly outweigh the general classroom induced boredom that comes with taking any course.

Why Take A Defensive Driving Course At All?

There are a few reasons to consider taking a defensive driving course and not all of them are court ordered. However, the most common reasons drivers take any sort of traffic school is based on some sort of legal process. In Texas often times taking a defensive driving class is a way to get ticket for a moving violation dismissed. This allows you to avoid the ticket going on your driving record. We encourage inquiring about this option as long as you have not taken a class of this type within the last 12 months.

Like many other states, Texas as a points program in regards to violations on your record. These are the few programs where getting points is not a good thing. If you have too many moving violations on your record, 6 points in 3 years, then you will be charged a surcharge for those points. Taking a defensive driving course instead of having the violation added to your point total will save you from that surcharge but more importantly keep you out of a situation where your driving record becomes a burden to you. As hard as you may try not to, even if the course is mandated, you will still learn something valuable from the coursework. Even if it is on accident.

The other common questions we get about the defensive driving courses is how taking the course can benefit your car insurance rates. Well, related to the point system, your insurance will also go up with the additions of violations to your driving record. Obviously, getting the ticket dismissed is always the more intriguing option. However, most insurance companies offer some sort of responsible driver program if you opt to take the courses without it being in recovery from a violation. You can just take the course on your own and reap the benefits of lowered insurance rate.

After taking the course, for either reason, just send in a copy of your completed course certificate to your insurance agent and judge. They will get you set up to apply your amazing, adult decision to take the course to your current insurance rate and driving record. Then you will be all set to talk to your friends about how to make better life choices, like you do, at the next social gathering.

Why Online Defensive Driving Course In Texas?

There is always suspicion that when there is an online option it is somehow not as good as the other versions. Not only is there evidence that this idea is not true but the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles says that it is completely adequate to take the same driving courses you can take in person, online. Since you should really only be concerned about what they think, I suppose we can take their word for it. We are sure you aren’t that concerned about the difference in comprehension as much as if the course counts or not. It does.

Aside from the quality, which we can just agree is the same – if not, better – than the classroom version, there are some really unparalleled positives to taking the Texas defensive driving courses online. The pros of taking any online course apply here as well. The convenience of being able to do it in your own home, in your relaxed, preferred learning environment. The ability to fit it in around your current schedule and not have to explain to your boss that you need time off to go to traffic school. You sacrifice less of your normal routine when you are able to take the defensive driving course online.

The best part about this specific course is that it is a 6 hour course but you do not have to do it all at one time. This greatly increases your ability to retain the information. When taken in a classroom setting they are throwing as much information as they can at your all at once to just get you through it. No amount of adderall could keep a person completely focused on the same information for 6 straight hours. Many of the courses you can take online give you the option to save your progress and come back to it when you are ready. Therefore, you can actually be in a headspace to learn and not just be forced to let information go in one ear and out the other. Everything else is done online, literally everything and Texas is a smart enough state to recognize that and allow the opportunity to do traffic schools online. You may as well take advantage of it and get that ticket dismissed or insurance lowered on your own time.