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Traffic School Online San Diego: Top Certified Online Traffic Schools

As a San Diego resident myself (I live in East Village near Petco Park and it’s awesome!), I know full well how awesome this city is and how great it is to drive around here. Whether it’s a trip out to Julian to see some snow, a drive across the Coronado Bridge, cruising around in Pacific Beach or driving through the Gaslamp, San Diego offers a ton of awesome ways to enjoy a good drive. I’m also fully aware of the horrific public transportation network, even though San Diego is a city of sprawl. It’s nearly impossible to live here without a car, so unlike many other city dwellers, we are forced to drive quite a bit. Since we drive so much, this also leads to the risk of getting a traffic ticket in San Diego. Whether you made an honest mistake that you now must pay for or pushed your luck and now need to reduce points on your California driving record, you probably aren’t looking for a traffic school online in San Diego by choice. No worries – I’m a certified driving instructor and I know all about these online traffic schools. I also know that you just want to get this done as quickly, easily, and as cheap as possible. With literally 100’s of “certified” traffic schools in San Diego, I thought I’d make your job a little easier by pointing out some of the better schools to go with. Pick one of the below San Diego certified online traffic schools and you can have this done in just a few hours…

Top-Rated Online Traffic Schools

What Is Traffic School & Why Take It Online?

A traffic school is where people go to learn about driving theory, which is just about the most boring things in the world to learn about. This isn’t just the basics of learning to steer, apply the brake, or get a feel for how a car handles. Traffic school assumes you know all this already, and instead is focused on educating you about California traffic law, as well as safe driving and defensive driving techniques. The state loves using traffic schools as a way to give people a bit of a break on the traffic points on their record by having people go through traffic school as this has proven to make our roadways safer. Even if you’re doing this by force (ex. you got a ticket), sometimes a little bit of a refresher isn’t so terrible. Fortunately in San Diego, no course timers are required when taking an online traffic school, so you can get it done pretty quick. The three types of drives that benefit most from traffic school are new drivers, drivers wishing to improve their insurance rates, or drivers that have gotten one ticket too many for moving violations. New drivers obviously benefit from added instruction, helping them to form good driving habits right at the start of their driving lives. People looking to lower their insurance rates can do so when they present proof to some insurance companies that they have attended and passed a traffic school course, so make sure you call your insurance company and let them know you completed a traffic school course. People with too many points on their driving record trying to reduce the chances of a license suspension can get points erased by attending a traffic school. Taking traffic school online in San Diego is pretty much an obvious choice. Who wants to fight traffic or use our non-existent public transit to attend traffic school in a classroom somewhere when it can all be done while wearing your underwear in your own living room? Hey, some people are old fashioned and like to do things the old school way. If that’s you, by all means sign up for a classroom based course. But for most of us, taking traffic school online is a much better way to go.

The God’s Bless San Diego With ONLINE Traffic School

In the past, traffic schools in San Diego could only be attended one way; physically. As in, with a group of people in a classroom while being lectured at by some dude who probably doesn’t want to be there anymore than you. During those days, you had to find out where the class was being held, make sure you could meet their schedule, find out what times the classes were scheduled for, and then make the time for those classes. Nobody has time for that nonsense! Today, people have the choice to take a traffic school online in San Diego. This affords much more freedom and flexibility. With a traffic school online in San Diego, the content is always there, waiting for you to pick up at any time on a computer, or even a phone or tablet. You can take the course whenever you feel like it, whether that is just on weekend evenings, or first thing in the morning, every day. Log in and out whenever you want, but seriously, just give it a few hours max and you’ll be done. It’s really not that hard.

Make Sure Your Traffic School Is Certified In San Diego!

Traffic School Online San Diego: Top Certified Online Traffic SchoolsIf you’ve decided that a traffic school online in San Diego might be right for you, there are just a few things you need to do. Any traffic school online in San Diego will work as long as it is state certified. Online traffic schools can be located anywhere, but they must be certified in the state of California specifically. They will not be considered valid for authentication purposes like erasing points, or getting an insurance discount, if it is not specifically certified in California. Second, think about the best way for you to learn. Some people prefer reading, while others prefer watching videos. Still others may actually want the sense of presence and interaction that comes from a live instructor, in which case a traditional traffic school may be better. Whatever your preference, you can find it. And if you’re looking at online recommendations, we have some ideas where you can start.

My Top Recommended San Diego Online Traffic School Course

Initially launched in Texas, Aceable became so popular they decided to expand into other states, including California. is a newer traffic school online in San Diego, but it comes with an impressive product. This school has a great mix of text, video and is new enough that it’s just as at home on your phone or tablet as it is on your computer. Without a doubt, Aceable is the single best online traffic school certified in San Diego.

My Second Choice

If for some reason you don’t like Aceable then is my next recommendation. iDriveSafely was one of the very first online traffic schools to become certified in San Diego, and it still remains a great choice today.

The Most Entertaining Option

One traffic school online in San Diego that we’ve been recommending more frequently in recent years is Improv Traffic School. This school takes a very different approach, working with comedians from the Los Angeles comedy scene and getting them to contribute jokes and writing to the material. Dare I say Improv Traffic School is actually fun and entertaining? This definitely isn’t the school you want to attend if you’re in a hurry, since there’s a lot more video content to consume and it really is best for those who actually care about learning and retaining the information. But if you’ve got the time for it, and can’t stand the thought of just reading material or watching dry instructional videos, then this is definitely a great choice. There is no one right answer to the question of which traffic school online in San Diego is the best one for you. But once you understand what your needs are, and which ways of learning are the most effective for you, you can go over the detailed reviews we have of many traffic schools serving the state of California. Remember to take advantage of the special deals that some of these schools have from time to time. You might even get a discount just from us to enjoy even more value on your traffic school experience.