GoToTrafficSchool Discounts Coupons & Codes (California, Texas, & More!)

Last Updated: September 01, 2023

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GoToTrafficSchool’s California Online Traffic School

Get $6 off on GoToTrafficSchool’s California Online Traffic School. Now only $18.95!

$3 OFF

GoToTrafficSchool’s Florida Online Traffic School

Get GoToTrafficSchool’s Florida Online Traffic School for only $9.95 if you visit this link now! That’s $3 off the original price of $13.

$16 OFF

GoToTrafficSchool’s Illinois Online Traffic School

The biggest discount yet! Get $16 off Online Traffic School in Illinois. Instead of the regular $64 price, you now only pay $48!

$16 OFF

GoToTrafficSchool’s New York Online Traffic School

Save up to $16 off your tuition fee for GoToTrafficSchool’s New York Online Traffic School. If you click the link, you only need to pay $48.95 instead of $65.

$8 OFF

GoToTrafficSchool’s Texas Online Traffic School

From $33 to just $25. Take advantage of the $8 off discount for your Texas Online Traffic School.


GoToTrafficSchool’s Online Traffic School for ALL States

Check out what discounts GoToTrafficSchool has for online traffic schools in your state. Check out this link now!

About GoToTrafficSchool


Life happens and sometimes we get a traffic ticket. 

Our license record is tarnished and auto insurance providers will hit us with hefty premiums. 

Get too many points and you might even face license suspension. 

GoToTrafficSchool is here to help keep your record spic and span through online defensive driving courses!

They can help you mask moving violations, look good to insurance companies, and be a safer driver.

And they do all that with a 100% online course — available in most states. 

But is that all GoToTrafficSchool has to offer? 

Let’s find out. 

What We Like (And Don’t Like) About GoToTrafficSchool

See inside GoToTrafficSchool in our video review below: 

If you need to take a defensive driving course — GoToTrafficSchool has got you. 

They are not only available in most states — but also approved. So rest assured it can help you dismiss those annoying tickets. 

But what we like most about GoToTrafficSchool are the price and features. 

They offer the lowest price for online traffic schools in the market.

They even have a lowest-price guarantee. If you find a similar course that’s cheaper than theirs, GoToTrafficSchool will match the price and remove $1. 

Despite the low price range, they are still able to include animations, illustrations, and even videos inside their courses.

This helps students get a better grasp of their lessons.

Another great feature is that their courses come in many languages. Right now, they have English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Filipino translations!

And they promise to add more soon.

Not sure if you’ll like their lessons?

Don’t worry - you can take advantage of their FREE trial.

But there are some downsides, too. 

Probably the most notable one is the user experience. 

Okay, we won’t say it’s the worst — but it isn’t the best either. 

You’ll have to be fine with a few bugs. Some students experienced weird formatting and freezing during their lessons. 

There is also random authentication. 

That means that throughout your lessons, you will need to answer personal questions at random. They need this to make sure that you’re the one taking the exam.

Though, we can’t blame GoToTrafficSchool for this one as it’s a requirement (for some states).

The quiz questions are a bit more difficult, too. 

You’ll have to take time to answer the quizzes — which, if you’re just planning to fly through everything, isn’t the most ideal. 

To pass GoToTrafficSchool’s final exam, you’ll need a score of at least 80%. If not, then you will have to retake it. 

But compared to its SUPER affordable rates, we’d say that those downsides are bearable. 

GoToTrafficSchool Course Options

Aside from affordable online traffic school courses, GoToTrafficSchool has other course options to choose from. 

They also offer Driver’s Ed courses for new drivers looking to earn their driver’s licenses.

Because it’s self-paced, you don’t have to follow any strict schedule. You will still be able to catch up on all your course content even if you’re juggling school or a full-time job.

GoToTrafficSchool has Fleet Driver Training courses for freight companies, too. 

This training helps minimize accidents on the road caused by inexperienced fleet drivers. This course will help you have a good name for fleet companies in the US. 

So if that’s your thing, you’ll be happy to know that GoToTrafficSchool offers an online course that is very cheap. 

Another course GoToTrafficSchool has is the Mature Driver course

This is a great certificate to have if you are looking to get the best deals from auto insurance companies.

With this, the insurance company will see you as less of a risk to get into major roadside accidents. Therefore, they will be more willing to strike a lower deal on your insurance fees. 

Overall, GoToTrafficSchool is the perfect one-stop shop for many new and experienced drivers across the country.

In Conclusion: Is GoToTrafficSchool The Best Online Traffic School?

We have mixed feelings. 

On one part, we highly recommend GoToTrafficSchool for its super affordable rates and high availability. 

On the other hand, we have to say it isn’t the best user experience. 

So the answer will depend on what YOU are looking for. 

If you prioritize cheap, then GoToTrafficSchool is a top choice. 

Besides that, you’re sure to find a course approved in your state more than other online traffic schools out there. 

And this is what boosts GoToTrafficSchool to the top. 

Also, if you prefer your lessons in, say, Spanish, then you already know that you can get that here. 

However, if you want to zoom past the course, then you might run into a few roadblocks - like answering hard quizzes, taking random authentication tests, and experiencing some bugs. 

As for the lessons themselves, we have no problem at all. We found it to be very informative and easy to understand. 

If you want to really learn, then you’ll be able to do that here. 

So if you think GoToTrafficSchool is the best school for YOU, then go ahead and check out their discount codes for your state!