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Don’t sign up for a low-quality online traffic school! The online traffic schools listed below are “TSC Certified” and meet the following requirements…

  • TSC Certified: We only list schools that meet our strict TSC Certification requirements.
  • Free To Try: These courses don’t only have money-back guarantees, but you can start the course without entering any payment information.
  • A+ Rated With The Better Business Bureau: All of the below courses have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Course Eligibility Verification: Each school is state-certified and will verify your eligibility before you start taking the course.

TSC Certified Online Traffic Schools

In some states, there are hundreds of online traffic schools to choose from. As long as a traffic school is approved in your state, you'll be able to get all the requirements done. However, not all online traffic schools are the same. Some are much better than others. Listed below are reviews for the 6 best online traffic schools you can sign up for in 2023.

The 7 Best Online Traffic Schools For 2023

1st Rated

This is an online traffic school that has existed since the 1990s and they have had millions of drivers go through their courses. They specifically focus on having a very cost-effective course. In fact, this online traffic school guarantees to be the cheapest one you can find. If you find an online traffic school for cheaper, they will remove $1 from their course price. For that reason, we've declared this the cheapest online traffic school of 2023. Fortunately, even though they are cheap, they are still high quality with customer support 7 days per week, it works well on mobile devices, and they have very positive reviews online.

Approved in the following states: AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, LA, ME, MD, MA, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NY, NC, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, DC, WV, WI, WY

For the remaining states, it has available courses, except in KY and OH. Again, make sure you ask special permission if you live in these remaining states.

2nd Rated

The Best Online Traffic School isn’t just an up-and-comer in the industry but has already been recognized as one of the best. Its twelve modules can be completed as quickly as possible as there are no course timers. Like most online schools, its courses are self-paced. Still, just because it’s self-paced doesn’t mean you have to do it alone! Students will have round-the-clock access to live chat support for some reliable one-on-one guidance. 

Students may also choose between reading or listening to modules in either Spanish, Chinese, or English. You can even link various devices to one registered account, which provides multi-platform access. This increases its accessibility factor to above average. Its highly on-the-go-friendly platform also comes with a deferred payment option. Its “don’t pass, don’t pay” policy grants more leverage, helping students avoid making wasteful payments to unhelpful institutions. 

Only available and approved in CA.

3rd Rated

This course really took us by surprise and has quickly become one of our favorites! There are quite a few online traffic schools that claim to be fun and include comedy. We’ve found them all to be very low quality. This course has set the standard for comedy traffic school courses. Everyone knows the hardest part of taking an online traffic school is the boredom factor. Well, this traffic school easily won the award for the least boring online traffic school of 2023. So if you want a course that isn’t boring, this is your best option.

Approved in the following states: CA, DE, FL, GA, ID, IN, KY, MI, MO, NV, NJ, NM, NY, TN, TX, VA

For all other states, you’ll be able to find an available state-specific traffic school course. Since these are not state-approved courses, you’ll have to ask your court handler for special permission to take Improv Traffic School’s online courses.

4th Rated

If you want to sign up for the most advanced online traffic school, this is it. Instead of just boring text, you'll complete your traffic school by watching fun videos, animations, and more. This online traffic school was also designed to be the fastest allowed by law. And finally, this online traffic school has won our best online traffic school on mobile devices award. If you plan on taking your online traffic school from a tablet or smartphone, this is absolutely the course you should go with. It has dedicated downloadable apps to make sure it’ll work great on any device, and it does!

Approved in the following states: CA, FL, TX (Court-Approved in some districts in Florida)

5th Rated

For both 2019 and 2020, this online traffic school received our best online traffic school of the year award. Their course isn’t a second longer than the state-mandated minimums, and more than 5,000,000 people have already completed this course over the 15+ years they have been in business. This is considered the “authority” online traffic school and with good reason. You will be hard-pressed to find a course with a better user interface than this. 

Approved in the following states: AL, AK, AZ, CA, CO, DE, FL, ID,  KS, KY, LA, MI, MO, NV, NJ, NM, NY, ND, OH, OK, OR, SC, TN, TX, VA, WA, WI (Court-approved in some districts in New Hampshire)

For all other states except Maine, you’ll be able to find an available state-specific traffic school course. Since these are not state-approved courses, you’ll have to ask your court handler for special permission to take iDriveSafely’s online courses.

6th Rated
6th Rated
6th Rated
Approved Course

While only approved in one state, this is a great online traffic school to consider if you live in Texas. This online traffic school includes everything you'd expect, but it is also owned and operated by a small business. That makes this online traffic school the best family-owned online traffic school of 2023. Due to their size, they provide some of the best customer services in the industry. They also do not have hidden fees like many other online traffic schools. They have free audio read along, free certificate delivery, and it works well across all devices. If you live in Texas and want to help out a family-owned business, check this one out!

Available In The Following States: TX

7th Rated
Traffic 101

Normally, this school wouldn’t be rated all that high, but we decided to include them in this list because of their superior customer service. We’ve received numerous reports from people claiming to have received “above and beyond” service from these guys. It’s a 100% text-based course, which most people find to be very boring, but it’s also the simplest of them all. It’s sort of like reading an ebook with little quizzes mixed in. No videos, no fancy animations, just the facts you need to complete your traffic school requirements.

Available In The Following States: AL, CA, FL, ID, NC, NV, MO, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Taking Traffic School Online Better than Taking it In-Person?

Taking traffic school courses online or in person has benefits and disadvantages. What counts the most are factors such as the course pricing, convenience and accessibility, and of course, your personal preference. 

However, choosing to take an Online Traffic School course is really comfortable and convenient. Most drivers choose online courses because they can take them from the comfort of their homes or wherever they are, as long as they have a reliable internet connection. 

You can even save your progress. So you can rest when you're tired and continue at a later time without having to repeat everything.

Regarding course fees, online courses are a lot cheaper than in-person ones. Most materials are available online so you don’t need to buy any extra references.

What’s more, most online traffic schools submit your Certificate of Completion directly to DMV or your court (for ticket dismissal), so you only need to complete the course and sit back. You don’t have to think of anything else (although it will be good to ask for updates).

Another thing is that most online driving schools offer insurance discounts to students who finish their courses. So if you want to save some bucks, this can be beneficial for you.

The only downside of taking this course online is that you are on your own. So you need strict self-discipline to finish the course on time.

How To Find The Best Online Traffic School

While it's recommended you choose one of the online traffic schools we listed, there are so many other online traffic schools on the market, it can be tough to figure out which is best. Well for starters, the best online traffic school for you will largely depend on your own preference, so there is no blanket answer here.

However, what you should know is that the VAST majority of online traffic schools are incredibly outdated. Many of them still don't even work well on mobile devices. So even though they are state-certified, most online traffic schools suck. They consist of hundreds of pages of plain text with tests and quizzes throughout.

In order to find the best online traffic school, make sure they deliver content through multiple formats and not just plain text. Also, if you plan on taking traffic school from your phone, be sure it works well on mobile devices.

You should also always check for online traffic school reviews from multiple sources. Make sure the reviews are current, updated, and legit.

How Long Does Online Traffic School Take?

Online traffic school can take as little as an hour or as long as 12 hours depending on which state you live in and why you are taking traffic school. Some states, like California, do not require courses to be timed. That means you can blow through the course as fast as you can click "next page". You'll also need to take 6 quizzes along the way, but most of the quizzes are incredibly easy.

In other states, courses are in fact timed. So in a state like Florida or Texas, your online traffic school will actually take 6 hours as each page is timed. For states that require course timers, either video-based courses tend to be more bearable or you can use a text-based course and binge-watch movies on Netflix as the course timer ticks down.

What Happens If I Fail My Online Traffic School Course?

For the most part, online traffic school is very easy. It may be boring, time-consuming, and tedious, but online traffic school isn't very hard to pass. Most online traffic schools have a 99.99%+ passing rate. In a lot of states, it's actually impossible to fail. You just have to keep taking the quizzes or tests over again until you pass. In other states, while it's possible to fail, you usually have multiple attempts to pass the final exam. Honestly, hardly anyone fails traffic school. If you're not able to pass the tests and quizzes, it might be best if you're off the road!

How Much Does Online Traffic School Cost?

This will again depend on your specific state. In most states, online traffic schools will run you for about 20 bucks. However, some states regulate the price of online traffic school so it may be more or less depending on where you live. You may also need to pay court fees and also pay for your citation before they will allow you to sign up for online traffic school, so be aware that the final cost after you pay your ticket and fees could be in the hundreds of dollars.

Can I Take Online Traffic School At My Own Pace?

Just about every online traffic school on the market allows you to log into and out of the course whenever you want. If you want to hammer out the entire course in one sitting, that's perfectly fine. Likewise, if you want to just do an hour per day and spread it out over the course of a week, you can do that, too. This is one of the biggest advantages of taking traffic school online.

Should I Tell My Auto Insurance Company That I Took Online Traffic School?

Absolutely! A lot of people are afraid to tell their insurance company that they took and passed an online traffic school. They are worried the insurance company will find out they got pulled over and then increase their rates. This is not the case. As long as your traffic ticket doesn't go on your record, and as long as you didn't receive any points on your license, your insurance rates will not go up. In fact, many auto insurance companies will give you a discount for going through an online traffic school. So yes, you should tell your insurer about it as they may give you a discount on your insurance premiums!

Final Thoughts About Taking Online Traffic School

We hope you found these online traffic school reviews helpful. Check each of them out if they are certified in your state, then decide for yourself which online traffic school would be best for you. We all have different preferences, but as long as you stick with one of the online traffic schools we reviewed above, you'll be signing up for a good quality course with good customer service and a long track record of success.

Best of luck and drive safely!

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