Easy Fast Cheap Online Traffic School Review

EasyFastCheap.com is home of the Easy Fast Cheap online traffic school. In this article, we will perform our EasyFastCheap.com review and determine the quality of this online traffic school course.

IMPORTANT – The Easy Fast Cheap online traffic school course at EasyFastCheap.com is only approved for ticket dismissal and point reduction purposes in the state of California.


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Is The EasyFastCheap.com Online Traffic School Legit?

As far as state certification in California, the Easy Fast Cheap online traffic school is a fully certified and legitimate online traffic school with a California traffic school certification number of E0149. They have existed online for over a decade now and claim to have been offering classroom based traffic school courses since 1986.

However, we have some concerns about the ownership transparency at EasyFastCheap.com. Who, exactly, owns this online traffic school? Well, that’s a bit of a mystery. It does not appear that EasyFastCheap.com is an actual company in the state of California and the traffic school is registered under a company called “Easy On Line Traffic School” with an owner / contact name of Keller Marla Ruth. The contact address is:

Tel: (800)554-8506

With that said, this online traffic school seems to go to some lengths in order to keep their exact identity hidden, including using special privacy features on their registered websites so the owners / operators can’t be determined. Why such privacy? We don’t know, but it is of course a big red flag. They do not give any company information in the “about” section on EasyFastCheap.com. So if you need to contact the owners or find out who is profiting from this online traffic school, good luck!

We have also found that this company is not certified to provide classroom based traffic school courses, even though they state they have been involved with the traffic ticket school industry since 1986. They either lost their certification, never had one for classroom based courses, or allowed it to lapse on their own.

EasyFastCheap.com Customer Support Overview

One of the main complaints from people taking online traffic school is the lack of quality customer support. Unfortunately, it appears the Easy Fast Cheap online traffic school is no exception. EasyFastCheap.com does offer customer support in the form of phone or email, but this support is not 24/7/365. This is a major issue because the chances you will need to contact customer support is relatively high with any online traffic school. This is due to various identity verification systems that the state of California requires from all certified online traffic schools. If they are unable to verify your identity by using their system, your account will be suspended and you will need to contact customer support to have your account unlocked. What if support isn’t available when you need them? Too bad! Excellent customer support is one of the most important aspects of an online traffic school and unfortunately, through our experience, the Easy Fast Cheap online traffic school course does not provide the type of customer service we like to see.

EasyFastCheap.com Is Not Tablet Or Mobile Friendly

As of this review, the Easy Fast Cheap online traffic school course is STILL not optimized for mobile devices or tablets. You may be abel to complete the course on those devices, but the course is still create exclusively for PC’s or Macs. We can only hope they are in the midst of updating their online traffic school to support mobile devices, but the fact they still have not optimized their traffic school for newer technology is very disheartening.

How The Easy Fast Cheap Online Traffic School Works

The traffic school program itself is very straightforward. This course is given in an “open book” format so you can reference the material while taking each quiz or test. There are a total of 6 different sections with a quiz after each section. You must obtain a passing score on every quiz before you can progress forward, which is normal for California online traffic schools. At the end of the course, you will need to complete a final exam. This final exam must be passed in no more than 2 attempts. If you do not pass on your second attempt, you will need to take the course again and pay the fee again as well. So make sure you pass the first time! Fortunately, over 99% of students pass their final exam. Here are some tricks on passing your online traffic school course.

If you are looking for an interactive course, this is not the one you want to sign up for. This online traffic school is mostly set up like an e-book with a ton of text to read. Some people do not like watching videos or playing with interactive features so this traffic school might be a good fit for those types of individuals, but we found this course to be extremely boring given the rudimentary and bland format.

Cost Of EasyFastCheap.com

There is nothing special about the cost of EasyFastCheap.com at a price point of $19.99. For the same price, there are many other traffic schools you can sign up for with better customer service, device support, etc.

On the plus side, you can start taking this traffic school for free. All students can take the course until the final exam, at which point they will need to pay before the final exam is taken. So, worse case scenario is you decide you don’t like the course and you can stop anytime without paying.

How Long Does The EasyFastCheap.com Online Traffic School Take?

The state of California used to require all online traffic schools to be timed. In other words, you would only be able to progress through the course as the timer allowed. Fortunately, California got rid of this requirement, so technically you can pass the Easy Fast Cheap online traffic school course as quickly as you can pass the quizzes and final exam. For most people, it takes at least a couple of hours. If you really take your time, it can take as long as 7 to 8 hours. But really, it just depends on how fast you read and answer all the quiz / test questions correctly.

What We Like About The EasyFastCheap.com Online Traffic School

We can definitely applaud their payment system. All students get to start the course and take it for free until the final exam, at which point payment will be required. This creates a true “risk free” trial period. However, this feature is also offered by many other online traffic schools, so it isn’t only available through EasyFastCheap.com. We also like that this course is very straightforward without making things complicated.

What We Don’t Like About The EasyFastCheap.com Online Traffic School

Unfortunately, we aren’t all that impressed with the level of customer service provided or the lack of transparency about who actually owns this traffic school. It is also unfortunate that EasyFastCheap.com is not keeping their course updated to accommodate our ever-increasing mobile lives.

Our Rating Of The EasyFastCheap.com Online Traffic School

While we have verified that the Easy Fast Cheap online traffic school is a legitimate traffic school in the state of California, we are not overly impressed after performing our evaluation. For this reason, we have given EasyFastCheap.com a 2 star rating out of 5, making this a below average online traffic school course.

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