100 Percent Online Traffic School Review
What can we say about 100 Percent Online Course? Well, we can start by saying that we’re greatly impressed with many aspects of it. Also known alternatively as 100% Online Course and 100% Online Traffic School, the service located online at 100PercentOnlineCourse.com is one of the best California has to offer. Below we break down the specifics on 100 Percent Online Course. With so many options to choose from, it’s best to look into as many as you can. While the end goal of most online traffic schools is the same, the specifics can vary greatly from course to course. With that said, is 100 Percent Online Course the right online traffic school in California for you? Read on below to find out!

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Is 100PercentOnlineCourse.com A Legit Online Traffic School?

Yes, 100 Percent Online Course is as legit as they come. Established in 1998, they’ve provided their online traffic school services to all of California’s many counties ever since then. The best way to establish the legitimacy of an online traffic school is to check their certification status with the Department of Motor Vehicles. You’ll find that 100 Percent Online Course is fully licensed and bonded. Their DMV license number is E0676.

100PercentOnlineCourse.com Customer Support Overview

Excellent customer support is a huge part of what makes a particular online traffic school stand out from the pack. Unfortunately, 100 Percent Online Course doesn’t come out very high in this regard. Yes, they do provide customer support. But their live phone hours are quite limited, especially compared to the best online traffic schools in the industry. They only provide live support between the hours of 8am and 5pm PST Monday to Friday. This means no weekend support, no evening support, and no holiday support. However, the customer service that 100 Percent Online Course does offer is great. What we mean is that when you do contact a live representative they’re as friendly, knowledgeable, and professional as any you’ll find from a competing online traffic school.

How 100PercentOnlineCourse.com Works

It doesn’t take a genius to use 100 Percent Online Course. In fact, any one that has basic computer skills can use it. If you can navigate the web, you can easily take and pass this online traffic school. The first thing to note about 100 Percent Online Course is that, as its name implies, it takes place entirely online. Indeed, it’s not only available on computers, but on smartphones and tablets as well. You can take the course on any device that connects to the Internet. It’s also important to note, straight from the get-go, that 100 Percent Online Course doesn’t need to be completed in a single sitting. Unlike a traditional classroom course, you can break up your studying into several different sessions. You can even break these up over the course of several days. Of course, you can also choose to complete the entire course in one sitting if you prefer that route. When it boils down to the actual course itself, you’ll quickly find that the course is extremely easy. 100 Percent Online Course doesn’t do anything fancy. They offer a basic online traffic course in a simple and straightforward package. The goal is to help you complete the coursework and pass the final exam in the shortest amount of time possible. As for the final exam, well, you’ll be hard pressed not to pass. 100 Percent Online Course’s final exam is open book. That means you can use the course material you just finished studying to look up your answers to the exam’s 25 multiple-choice questions. All you need to do is answer at least 70 percent of these correctly to move on.

How Long Does the 100PercentOnlineCourse.com Course Take?

The California DMV requires all online traffic school courses to be equivalent to 8 hours of classroom course time. With that said, you don’t exactly have to spend 8 hours on the 100 Percent Online Course. No course timers are used so you’re able to complete the material in as little or as much time as you need.

What We Like About 100PercentOnlineCourse.com

Let’s start with the obvious – we like that 100 Percent Online Course is 100% online. That makes it very easy for almost anyone to complete. We also like the fact that every aspect of the service is simplified for ease of use. The website is easy to navigate, the course is easy to take, and the exam is easy to pass. It’s hard to beat that.

What We Don’t Like About 100PercentOnlineCourse.com

There are few negatives to 100 Percent Online Course. The biggest one is their limited live customer phone support hours. We wish they’d extend these, even just slightly, out of standard business hours like the best companies in the industry.

In Summary

100 Percent Online Course is a good online traffic school. They get the job done. They just don’t get it done by going above and beyond the norm.

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