*** DDS TRAFFIC SCHOOL IS NO LONGER IN BUSINESS *** Under no circumstances is receiving a traffic ticket ever fun. In addition to the upfront cost of the ticket, most driving violations come with a number of other consequences. At the top of the list of these are increased insurance premiums. What if we told you there was a way to remove such a violation from your permanent driving record? And in doing so, keeping your insurance rates the same. That would be pretty awesome, right? Well, that’s right where online traffic schools come into the picture. The State of California offers residents a chance to erase driving infractions from their driving records by attending traffic school. While traditional classroom courses are still offered, most people nowadays are turning to online traffic courses instead. The reason is simple. Online traffic school is easier, more convenient, and cheaper. So what online traffic school should you choose? Take a minute and look at the options and you’ll see that there are dozens upon dozens currently operating in California. That’s what our review below is for. We break down the ins and outs of DDS Traffic School, also known as Dollar Driving School, so you can see if it’s the right fit for you.

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Is DDSTrafficSchool.com A Legit Online Traffic School?


There is no getting around it – DDS Traffic School is a legit online traffic school. Certified by the Department of Motor Vehicles, the company is legally allowed to provide its online courses to people living in all of California’s 58 counties. Their DMV license number is E0608.

DDSTrafficSchool.com Customer Support Overview

Customer service is not exactly a highpoint for the folks at DDS Traffic School. In other words, yeah, they offer it, but it’s a bit below average. For starters, they only offer live phone support during business hours. These are from 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday. When the best companies in the industry offer extended evening and weekend support, this is a big disadvantage to DDS Traffic School. DDS Traffic School also offers email support. Their website states they respond to all messages in under 24 hours, except on weekends and holidays.

How DDSTrafficSchool.com Works

DDS Traffic School’s online traffic violator course is very easy to use. Indeed, every aspect of it has been designed by the company to be as straightforward as possible. DDS knows that no one wants to be taking an online traffic course, so they’ve made theirs as quick and easy as any around. To begin using DDS Traffic School, head on over to their registration page. Here you’ll be required to enter some basic personal information along with your traffic ticket information. At this point, the company runs a quick background check on this information to verify your identity. Once verified, enter your payment information and jump right into the coursework. The coursework itself comes next. It consists of 11 intuitive chapters. Each chapter is filled with pictures, videos, and animations to break up the monotony of the written content. At the end of each chapter is a short quiz. These quizzes are designed to ensure you’re actually studying the course material. You must pass each quiz before moving on to the following chapter. The final step of using DDS Traffic School is taking the final exam. You must answer at least 70 percent of the 25 DMV-approved multiple-choice questions correctly to pass. As soon as you pass the final exam, you receive a certificate of completion. The same certificate is also sent to the DMV and the presiding courthouse. That’s it – you’ve just passed DDS Traffic School’s traffic violator course.

How Long Does the DDSTrafficSchool.com Course Take?

The DDS Traffic School online course is designed to take about 8 hours. This is roughly the equivalent of taking a classroom course. However, online traffic schools aren’t required to use course timers in California. This means that you can spend as little or as much time on the course as you need. For some people, this is as little as 1 to 2 hours.

What We Like About DDSTrafficSchool.com

DDS Traffic School has a lot going for it. Chief among its many benefits are its ease of use, convenience, and low cost. Indeed, DDS Traffic School is so easy to use that it boasts a pass rate of almost 99 percent.

What We Don’t Like About DDSTrafficSchool.com

There isn’t much to dislike about DDS Traffic School. However, there are a few areas in which the company might improve. At the top of this list is customer service. We’d like to see DDS Traffic School dedicate a little more effort to the needs of their customers.

In Summary

When you’re looking for an online traffic school, DDS Traffic School is definitely one to keep in consideration. It’s simple, affordable, and doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to use. With that said, it’s certainly not for everyone. *** DDS TRAFFIC SCHOOL IS NO LONGER IN BUSINESS ***

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