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Busted! Usually, you’re really careful about looking around for the cops before you mosey on through a stop sign without coming to a complete stop, but this time, you were distracted and didn’t notice that cruiser spying on you from across the street, and now you either have to attend traffic school or get a point on your license and see your insurance rates curtail your weekend entertainment spending. So of course you’ve decided to take traffic violator school, and the good news is that in California, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a decent online traffic violator course. Good Price Traffic School is one of hundreds of online traffic school providers in California.

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Is Good Price Traffic School Legit?

Good Price Traffic School joined the scores of online traffic schools in 2012. They’re fully licensed by the DMV to offer traffic school in all California counties. Therefore, the answer is yes. Good Price Traffic School is, indeed, fully legit.

Features of Good Price Traffic School


Good Price Traffic School lives up to its name with its $16.95 course fee, which is less than the more-or-less standard price of $19.95. The fee includes the course, the final exam, and the electronic submission of the certificate of completion to the presiding court and the California DMV. But hold on. If you waited until the last minute to complete your course, you’ll have to pay for expedited certificate completion, to the tune of $15 for 2-day transmission or $25 for next-day transmission. If you find a course that’s less expensive, Good Price Traffic School features a price match guarantee. Just call or email them before you pay, and if the competing school is licensed in the county where you received your ticket, Good Price Traffic School will match it. The course offered by Good Price Traffic School doesn’t feature timers, which is nice, since timed courses require you to stay on each chapter for an allotted period of time – typically 40 minutes. Untimed courses allow you to proceed at your own pace, which is nice if you’re a fast reader. If you somehow manage to fail both of your attempts at the open-book final exam, Good Price Traffic School will let you take the course again for free. For your protection, Good Price Traffic School’s website is fully encrypted by GoDaddy so that your private information will stay that way. Customer support is available by phone or email. The office is staffed from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Once your course is complete, you can pay Good Price Traffic School $10 to confirm with the court that they’ve received the certificate of completion and inform you as such by email. Or you can save your ten bucks and push the appropriate buttons on the telephone to call the court and confirm it your own dang self.

How it Works

After you register for the course, you can start taking it right away. The course has 11 chapters, each of which ends with a short open-book quiz that you have to pass in order to move on. The system will save your progress so that you can take it in palatable bursts and resume where you left off when you come back. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll take the open-book final exam, which consists of 25 multiple choice questions. You get two attempts to pass the test, but you should probably ace it the first time since you can look back through the course to find the answers. You have to pass with a 70 percent. Good Price Traffic School will transmit your completion certificate to the DMV and court within 3 business days. Or faster, if you paid them dearly for your tendency to procrastinate. They recommend you complete your course seven days before the due date to avoid having to pay extra for faster reporting.

What We Like About Good Price Traffic School


Good Price Traffic School is aptly named, since their course is a paltry $16.95 – or less, on account of their price match guarantee. There are no timers, and if you fail the exam twice, you can take the course again for free.

What We Don’t Like About Good Price Traffic School

Good Price Traffic School doesn’t specify whether the course is available on your mobile devices, which means that it’s probably not. This may or may not be a deal breaker for you.

Rating for Good Price Traffic School

Good Price Traffic School is a solid average traffic school, neither the best nor the worst. Therefore, they get a solid average (and perfectly respectable) rating of three stars.

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