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65 Traffic School has one of the ugliest websites around, but does that mean the traffic school is no good? How does it justify its high $25.99 price? Why is the web address a subdomain of trafficschoolofca.com, a subsidiary of Leoark LLC?

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Is 65 Traffic SchoolLegitimate?

65 Traffic School is legitimate in the sense that it has a valid California DMV license (#E0731). Along with All in One Traffic School and US Traffic Academy, 65 Traffic School is found at the web address http://trafficschoolofca.com. The school has no prior or current administrative actions against it, but has only been operating since February of 2015. The school is owned by Traffic Education Center, a business that is separate from Leoark LLC, the company that owns All in One Traffic School, US Traffic Academy, and the trafficschoolsofca.com domain name. Leoark is run by Soly Cangarlu whereas Traffic Education Center is run by Mazyar Cangarlu. Clearly there is some relationship between the two. Whether the school is legitimate or not is difficult to answer. It has the proper credentials and is at least peripherally associated with Leoark, which runs several legitimate and successful online traffic schools. That said, the use of a subdomain for 65 Traffic School and the fact that the website appears to have been built by an amateur (there are typos and grammar errors) are disconcerting. The contact address is: 65 TRAFFIC SCHOOL 1600 SAWTELLE BLVD 237J LOS ANGELES CA 90025 Tel: (800)279-9024

Customer Support

There is no clear reference to customer service on the 65 Traffic School website. There is a telephone number and email address, but neither offers reference to hours of operation.

Mobile Friendliness

65 Traffic School claims to be mobile friendly. Given the state of its website, however, one has to question just how robust the mobile support is. Given that there are other mobile-friendly sites available with far more professional websites, 65 Traffic School does not inspire confidence.

How It Works

65 Traffic School uses standard Personal Identity Validation questions to verify a user’s identity. The course is very straight forward after that, allowing for online access and a go-at-your-own-pace environment. Certificates are automatically forwarded to the DMV/court. Users may take the final exam twice. After two failures, a user will have to re-register for the traffic course and pay the fee again. There is no offer of a refund for users who fail.


Payment is via credit card or debit card. The online-only course is 25.99 and the booklet course is $37.99.

How Long Does the Course Take?

The course is self-paced. It can be accessed 24/7 and users are free to move through the questions, material, and quiz as quickly as they are comfortable. There are no timers.

What We Like

The effort to create a mobile-friendly website is about the only thing that 65 Traffic School has going for it. Even if the effort falls short of other sites, we appreciate that it has been made.

What We Don’t Like

Everything about 65 Traffic School is unprofessional. From the use of a subdomain rather than a full domain to the typos that appear on the website, 65 Traffic School gives the impression that it has been thrown up in a hurry simply to make a buck. That may or may not be true, but it is the impression we get. There is no reference to customer service hours on the site, so it is unclear if customer service is even offered, let alone if it is adequate. Prices are quite high. There is no offer of a refund for those who fail the final exam.


Most of the wording on the 65 Traffic School site is identical to other traffic school sites owned by Leoark LLC, which makes us wonder if this isn’t just another portal to the same curriculum offered by Leoark’s other sites. If this is the case, then the curriculum is top notch and so is the mobile support, even if the entry via 65 Traffic School appears to be sub-par. Unfortunately for 65 Traffic School, there are far better alternatives out there, including offerings from Leoark LLC, that inspire confidence and offer better customer service. We suspect that 65 Traffic School will undergo renovations in the near future. Until then, we cannot recommend this course and are forced to give it a sub-par rating. Even if the site presented a more professional face, we’d still be put off by its relatively high price.

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