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Reputable, convenient, and cheap – does it get any better than that? It does at Mac’s Traffic School. In addition to a great reputation, a history of convenience, and highly affordable prices, this online traffic school in California also provides a course that is both incredibly easy to use and all but guarantees the results you’re looking for. Below we take a closer look at what makes Mac’s Traffic School click. Although it’s not as popular or well known as other online traffic schools in California, there is no reason why you shouldn’t at least consider it for your traffic violator’s course. After reading our review below, you’ll have a better idea of whether or not Mac’s Traffic School is right for you.

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Is Mac’s Traffic School A Legit Online Traffic School?


Located online at, Mac’s Traffic School maintains a solid reputation as a legitimate online traffic school. The company is certified and bonded with the California Department of Motor Vehicles for use statewide. This means the service is available in each one of California’s 58 counties. Mac’s Traffic School boasts a DMV license number of E1820. They also maintain a great reputation with the Better Business Bureau. But what we like most about Mac’s is their history within the industry. According to their website, they’ve been operating within California for just under 20 years.

Mac’s Traffic School Customer Support Overview


Mac’s Traffic School is a small, family-run business and still boasts this family feel. With that said, they are currently unable to offer around-the-clock 24/7 customer support. Of course, we’d like to see them offer extended customer service hours in the future, but we’ll give them something of a pass for now. The customer support that Mac’s does offer, however, is fantastic. Call their phone line during business hours (8am to 5pm Monday to Friday) and you’ll find yourself talking with a friendly, experienced, and professional employee. They will help you answer your question or concern in no time at all.

Top-Rated Online Traffic Schools

How Mac’s Traffic School Works

The online course at Mac’s Traffic School consists of three simple steps: registration, the coursework, and the final exam. Each step is tailored to be as quick and easy as possible. No one wants to take a traffic violators course, and Mac’s knows this. The first step of using Mac’s Traffic School is registration. It’s quick, simple, and takes only a few minutes to complete. Once completed, you’ll be asked to enter your payment information. As soon as your one-time payment of $24.99 (with no hidden fees) is processed, you’ll be given access to the course material. Jump right into the coursework and you’ll notice just how easy Mac’s Traffic School really is. The material is divided up into several sections to make it that much easier to review. You’ll notice that each section contains a variety of pictures, videos, and other images to make the review process slightly less boring. Finish the coursework and it’s time for the final exam. Mac’s Traffic School complies with all DMV regulations for their 25-question multiple-choice final exam. Answer 70 percent or more of the questions correctly to pass. Mac’s automatically sends your certificate of completion to both the DMV and the presiding courthouse when you pass.

How Long Does the Mac’s Traffic School Course Take?

Everybody will complete their Mac’s Traffic School online course in a different amount of time. Though 8 hours of study is recommended, no course timers are required. This means you can spend as little as 1 hour or upwards of 10 hours reviewing the material.

What We Like About Mac’s Traffic School

Mac’s Traffic School has a lot of strong points. These include their online course’s convenience, low cost, and ease of use. Yet it’s Mac’s reputation that we like the most. They started as a brick-and-mortar school in Tehama County offering both traffic violators courses and driving coursers over 19 years ago. Since then, they’ve expanded their traffic violator’s courses online. It’s a nice change of pace to work with an online traffic school that also has experience with traditional classroom traffic school courses.

What We Don’t Like About Mac’s Traffic School

Honestly, there isn’t a whole lot to dislike about Mac’s Traffic School. If we were pressed to come up with something, we’d have to say that they’re lacking in the customer service department. Now, we don’t mean that their customer service isn’t good, it’s just that live representatives are only available during business hours. Yet this won’t be a problem as the vast majority of this online traffic school’s customers come from California and will easily be able to call during said business hours.

In Summary

All in all, Mac’s Traffic School is a great choice for an online traffic school. They’re convenient, affordable, and have one of the best reputations in the game.

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