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If it’s fast and easy that you want, then it’s fast and easy that you’ll get from Join Traffic School. Ranked as one of the top online traffic schools in California, the company’s superior reputation allows you to rest assured that you’ve made the right decision. Throw in their great pricing and joining Join Traffic School makes that much more sense. Below we review this one-of-a-kind online traffic school in more detail. If you’re looking into traffic school to erase a driving violation from your record, then you already know how important it is to choose a top quality school. Our review below breaks down the ins and outs of Join Traffic School so you can decide whether this is the right online traffic school for you.

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Is A Legit Online Traffic School?


Legit could very well be Join Traffic School’s middle name. The company is as legitimate as any other in the industry. They are registered with the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Their license number is E0557. Join Traffic School also maintains a solid standing with the Better Business Bureau. Since they were founded, they’ve managed to maintain an “A” ranking here. There are no negative complaints from previous customers on their BBB page. Customer Support Overview


Join Traffic School takes customer service and support very seriously. As an all-online business, they know how important it is that their customers be able to easily connect with live representatives. With that said, Join Traffic School offers a live phone support line between the hours of 8:30am and 9:00pm PST. Best of all, this support line is staffed seven days a week. So if you have a question, give Join a call. Their friendly and professional customer support representatives will be able to provide you with the information you’re looking for in a heartbeat.

How Works

Join Traffic School is set up in nearly the same exact way as the majority of other online traffic schools in California. This accomplishes two things at once. First, it makes the service very simple and straightforward to use. Second, it ensures that it complies with all of the state regulations regarding online traffic schools. With that in mind, the first step when using Join Traffic School is registration. A simple signup form is provided with a number of required fields. These fields pertain to your personal and ticket information. After your information has been verified, you’ll be prompted to select a payment method. When you’re finished with registration, you’ll be given immediate access to the online traffic school coursework. This coursework is divided up into a number of intuitive sections. Each of these sections is followed by a short quiz. You must pass each quiz before you’re allowed to move on to the following section. The final step to Join Traffic School is the final exam. It consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. Each of these questions has been approved by the DMV. You’re required to answer at least 70 percent of these questions correctly to pass. Join Traffic School allows you to take the final exam twice. Best of all, the entire exam is open book. When you pass the final exam, you’ll be immediately given your certificate of completion. A copy of this certificate is also sent to both the DMV and the presiding court.

How Long Does the Course Take?

As we mentioned above, Join Traffic School is very quick and easy. In fact, it’s among the quickest and easiest courses in California. The Join Traffic School course is designed to take about 8 hours. In other words, it is the equivalent of an 8-hour classroom course. However, California no longer requires course timers to be used for online traffic schools. This means you can complete the coursework in however much time you want or need.

What We Like About

Join Traffic School has a lot going for it. Chief among its many benefits are its simple setup, its low pricing, and the company’s outstanding customer service. Seriously though, you’ll be hard pressed to find a company that matches the quality of these factors.

What We Don’t Like About

We don’t really like Join Traffic School’s website. It’s clunky and outdated. Sure, it’s well organized (you can easily find the information you’re looking for) but it looks ancient. And this outdated look lends it an unprofessional air. We hope they redesign and spiff up the site in the near future.

In Summary

Join Traffic School is a solid option for an online traffic school in California. Despite their outdated website, the course itself is spot on. Throw in competitive pricing and excellent customer service and they’re hard to beat. With that said, however, they’re not the best traffic school in the state, but they do a great job all things considered.

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