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You know what’s worse than getting busted for a traffic violation? Having to take traffic violator school. After all, you know good and well that you’re not supposed to speed or pass in a no passing zone, but the State of California doesn’t know that you know, and so if you don’t want to get a point against your license and see your insurance rates climb even higher than they already are, attending traffic violator school is a no-brainer. But the silver lining is that traffic school is available online, which means you don’t have to spend 8 hours in a depressing classroom on a Saturday. Cheap and Simple Online Traffic School is one of many California online traffic schools. Let’s see how they stack up, shall we?

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Is Cheap and Simple Online Traffic School Legit?

In 2013, Cheap and Simple Online Traffic School became licensed by the DMV to provide online traffic school in all California counties. This makes Cheap and Simple Online Traffic School perfectly legit. And while they aren’t the most established online traffic school, they aren’t the newest, either.

Features of Cheap and Simple Online Traffic School


Cheap and Simple Online Traffic School’s violator course is $18.95, which is perfectly reasonable. The price includes the course, the final exam, and the electronic submission of your certificate of completion to the DMV and presiding court. The registration process is simple, and your information is safe, thanks to SSL encryption. The course itself is a comedy course that promises easy-to-read lessons, colorful illustrations, and “driving-related humor.” The level of hilarity of this course is unknown, but at least Cheap and Simple Online Traffic School wants you to try to have fun taking it, and that’s always nice. What’s even nicer is that you can take this course on any web-enabled device, which means that you can use your phone or tablet to plug away at traffic school while you’re on the treadmill at the gym or lazing around on the beach. The dedicated support team is available from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturdays.

How it Works

Once you register and pay for the course, you can start taking it right away. You can log in and out of the system at your convenience, and Cheap and Simple Online Traffic School will save your place so that you can start up where you left off every time you log back in. Each chapter is followed by a short quiz to help you prepare for the final. The final exam consists of 25 questions, and you have to get a 70 percent or better to pass. But you get two chances to take the final, and since it’s an open-book test, you shouldn’t have any trouble acing it the first time. Once you pass the final, your certificate of completion will be electronically submitted to the presiding court and the DMV. This typically takes up to 3 business days.

What We Like About Cheap and Simple Online Traffic School

We like that Cheap and Simple Online Traffic School’s course is available to take on your mobile devices, and we like that it’s a comedy course. Even if the course isn’t all that funny, it’s got to be more interesting than a serious traffic violator course. We also like the evening and Saturday support hours.

What We Don’t Like About Cheap and Simple Online Traffic School

We don’t know whether the course is timed, which may be a deal breaker for some students. Timed courses require you to stay on each chapter for an allotted period of time – usually around 40 minutes, which means that you have to go watch funny cat videos or catch up on Facebook if you finish early, and by the time you get back to the course, you may have lost your steam.

Rating for Cheap and Simple Online Traffic School

Cheap and Simple Online Traffic School is reasonably priced. It’s not the cheapest we’ve seen, but it’s not the most expensive, either. The course is available on mobile devices, which is great, but it may or may not be timed. Some traffic violator courses offer price match or satisfaction guarantees, but this one doesn’t. However, since it’s already priced lower than many other courses and the test is probably harder to fail than it is to pass, guarantees are really just marketing ploys. But they’re still kinda nice. Cheap and Simple Online Traffic School falls smack in the middle: It’s neither the worst nor the best, neither the most nor the least expensive. It’s decidedly average, which earns them a respectable 3 out of 5 stars.

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