Florida Online Traffic School for Teen Drivers

If you are a teen living in Florida, there are several requirements that need to be met to obtain your first-time Florida license. Along with the usual class instruction and behind-the-wheel training, you will also have to successfully complete a drug and alcohol course before you can apply for your license.

Florida Requirements

If you are a first-time driver or are eighteen years of age or older, you must complete a four-hour Drug and Alcohol Traffic Awareness course, along with the written DMV test, vision test, and road test. You will not be eligible to take the behind-the-wheel test until you can garnish your certificate of completion from this course.

Along with the certificate of completion, you must also have two different forms of identification, proof of birth, and your social security number. During your driving test, you will most likely be required to show your skillset for the following:

  • Turnabout – You should be able to turn your car around in a thirty to forty-foot space and complete a three-point turn
  • Parking- You must be able to park in a designated parking spot. Parallel parking is no longer required during your road test in Florida
  • Stop quickly- Safely and quickly come to a stop after reaching at least twenty miles per hour
  • Backing up – You should be able to easily back up at least fifty feet at a slow speed while turning and facing the back
  • Stop Signs- Be sure to come to a complete, not rolling, stop at all stop signs
  • Signal and turn-Show that you can use the proper signals when you are turning

Four Hour Drug and Alcohol Course

The required four-hour long Drug and Alcohol Traffic Awareness course can be quickly and conveniently completed online at your pace and from the comfort of your home. This course will provide you with information concerning the effects of drugs and alcohol and how they can affect your ability to drive safely, it will also cover all of the laws and responsibilities of the state of Florida, as well as provide safe driving techniques.

You can find all of your course materials online, and these online courses are FL DMV authorized. There is automatic completion reporting, and it also meets the requirements to obtain a learner’s permit.

You can log on and off as needed and complete it in your own time since your progress is saved as you go. It is affordable and convenient and most even give you the option of completing your permit exam online after you successfully complete the course so this can save time and headaches due to the lines and enormous wait times at the local DMV.

Why Choose Online Courses

Online courses are convenient and are great for people that can learn independently. You can go back and spend more time on sections that you may be having trouble with, unlike in a classroom setting where everyone has to be working at the same pace to cover all of the required material.

When choosing an online course for a teen, however, it would probably be best to stay away from text-only online courses. Instead, find interactive material complete with videos and animation to engage the student and keep them motivated to learn and complete the course. The point of driving education is to educate our teens on safe driving and the laws in their state so that the parents are not pulling their hair out and becoming sick with worry every time their teen gets behind the wheel of a car.

Students will learn more and absorb more information when it is something they are interested in so finding fun and engaging courses is vital when it comes to retaining all of the information and being able to take advantage of all of the benefits associated with driving education.

Interactive Online Traffic Schools for Teens In Florida 

Classes are boring, and it can be hard to find ones that can capture your teen’s attention. So we’re going to share a few online traffic schools that have interactive features. Take a look:

Improv Safety Driving Course

The Improv Safety Driving course is available one hundred percent online and is Florida DMV approved, voted best traffic school for students and the media, the shortest course allowed by Florida law, and is an official online DMV testing provider.

These courses are written by professional Hollywood writers and incorporates laughs from the Improv Comedy Club which makes a serious subject even more fun. It entertains while educates and is highly effective in molding young minds into better and safer drivers.

Like most online courses, you can complete it at your pace and in your own time in the comfort of your own home. There is no need to travel to a traditional classroom setting and bask in the importance of safe driving with other students and other distractions that could keep you from absorbing all of the necessary and vital information.

It is easier on the parents too because they will not have to change their already hectic schedules to accommodate taking their teen to and from classes every week.


Being around since 1998, it’s obvious that iDriveSafely.com has experience in providing reliable and relevant online traffic courses. We do have to warn you, some of their courses can be boring, so your teen’s eyes will probably keep rolling back into their skulls quite often.

They do have some videos and animations that can liven up the lessons, but not as much as their driver’s ed courses.

If your teen is unsure if they want to commit, iDriveSafely.com allows you to try their course out for free, and you can cancel any time, no questions asked!


Looking for the lowest price guaranteed? Then GoToTrafficSchool is for you.

This school is approved in many states in the US, and yes, that includes Florida! So close up those other tabs you have opened up.

They also offer courses in Spanish and Chinese, which can be handy if English isn’t your first language.

Despite their low price range, their lessons still include interactive videos and animations. But don’t expect Hollywood-worthy special effects!

Of course, these are only suggestions, and you are more than welcome to do your own research. But be wary of scams!

Where to Find the Best Schools

Unfortunately, scams exist in the online traffic school industry as well. We want to protect you from that, so here’s a website that you can trust in your search for the perfect online traffic school for your teen!

Trafficschoolcritics.com is a reliable and informative source when it comes to the options available for teen drivers that need to take a permit course or a course to obtain their license. They give you the top-rated options for online traffic schools, as well as the links and reviews so that you can make a fully informed and educated decision when it comes to which course would be best for your teen and your family.

Safety is always the number one priority and educating our teens on safe driving techniques and laws are vital to their success as first-time drivers. 

They will gain information that they can carry with them for years to come while giving the parents a sense of comfort and strength knowing that they provided their teens with the tools they needed to become better and safer drivers.

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