Texas Allows You To Take All Traffic Schools Online

There are few states that allow you to take all of the necessary traffic school courses online, and Texas is one of the states that has come to its senses. Everything else is done online, so why would this be an exception. This means if you are ready to take your teen driver’s ed course, you can do it online. If you need to fill a DMV requirement for court-appointed reasons, you can do it online. If you want to learn more or improve your insurance rates by taking a defensive driving course, you can do it online. Texas gets it, and there really are great advantages to taking these courses online.

Our job is to review the best programs for you, and we have done that. The only problem is, we don’t know exactly what benefits you are looking for. Here is a breakdown of the benefits of online driving courses and which programs will fit your needs best.


Although driving is exciting, the courses can be boring. We know we have taken almost all of them. Something that may be important to you is just getting it over with. You are a fast learning individual that doesn’t need to be slowed down by other people, which is why an online course works perfectly. The fastest courses we can recommend for you are also our highest-rated schools. iDriveSafely, Improv School, and Traffic 101 are the fastest courses you can take. We think speed may be a more important benefit for those adults who have to take traffic courses due to violations. These are still highly rated courses in every category.

The problem with speed is it can be pretty cut and dry. There is not a lot of entertainment value to keep your focusjust information and speed. These courses are a little more entertaining on the driver’s ed side, which seems a little bias.

But schools like iDriveSafely and Improv School don’t mean that they’ll dump boring texts and lectures. The reason why they’re fast-paced is that the course materials are designed to be short, easy to absorb, and bite-sized. Most of all, they’re designed to be FUN! And we all know that time flies when you’re having fun.

If you want to know all the intricacies of the courses, there are full reviews on this site.


We are aware that getting these things over with is important, but we can also agree that the highest priority is actually staying focused enough to retain the information. Having a course that is the most entertaining and interactive can be the difference in comprehension. If this sounds like you, we recommend 

The Improv Traffic School. It is run by Hollywood Comedians and is full of funny videos and interactive segments to keep you stimulated and interested. Students are guaranteed to have a lot of laughs while learning at the same time.

A few programs have incorporated videos and interactive testing into the curriculum, but few have done a complete integration. 

Another course that is worth noting is GoTo TrafficSchool. Even though they’re one of the oldest online traffic schools, you’ll be sure to get innovative and entertaining lessons. With GoToTrafficSchool, you can get interactive games, videos, audio narration, and even driving simulations that can make you feel like you’re behind the wheel.

Some online traffic programs have interactive driver’s ed, but when it comes to adult traffic school, they are just numbly presenting you the bare information that you will hopefully remember even though your brain is trying to black out the whole experience. Improv is the best option for all-around entertainment.


Paying to do something you have to do something you don’t actually want to do is one of the more questionable societal norms we have become accustomed to. Nonetheless, it happens, so let’s try and get you a cheap experience to get this over with. Part of our reviewing process is finding the best online traffic schools for you that follow a price guideline. Most states require a minimum charge for any traffic school. We don’t see it necessary for an online program to just charge more for their service just because they can. We believe that if the price is higher, there better be a good reason.

We frequently recommend the cheapest online traffic schools that are still high quality because they understand the correlation between the state requirement and their own program. 

IDriveSafely is one of our top-rated programs all around and just happens to be one of the cheapest as well because they are considerate of these state requirements. 

Other schools to consider to save up on cash are those that offer a 100% money-back guarantee. This means that schools will refund your payment, no questions asked, if you’re unsatisfied with the course. GoToTrafficSchool doesn’t only offer a 100% money-back guarantee, they also offer a lowest price guarantee where they’ll match their course fees to any online traffic school with lower fees!

Another thing to check to get your money’s worth is if the school offers zero hidden fees. There is nothing more frustrating than signing up at a “cheap” online school only to find that you need to pay for every single feature. What’s another thing we love about Improv Traffic School aside from their entertaining curriculum? You just need to pay the base rate and you’ll get FREE features such as certificate processing and delivery, unlimited test retakes, and court reminders.

There is a full review of the breakdown of their program and costs on this site. Another perk of using this site to gather information on these schools is that we have a good relationship with many of the top-rated programs, and they have offered discounts to those who use us. There is more information about the discounts on the tab above. You deserve a great rate for taking the time to research your traffic schools.

Effective Learning

As adults and parents, we have been driving for years and want to feel confident that the program we choose for our Texas teen is as high of quality as possible. As well as for ourselves if we are looking to actually gain knowledge from a surely forced experience.

There are a couple of top online driver’ ed programs in Texas that we have been able to find for you. We recommend Safe 2 Drive as a great program, strongly based on its parent lead teaching and educational structure so they can learn from you. It was developed by classroom course instructors specifically for teens. You are getting the same quality as the classroom in a more convenient way and involving the parents much more. This course is also very affordable. The other we highly recommend to Texas teens and their parents is Teen Texas Driving. They offer compatible behind-the-wheel training and around-the-clock support from a live driving instructor. This is one of those courses you can make fit with you and learn a ton.

For any of your driving school needs, we suggest you use our reviews. Don’t stress yourself trying to rate and outweigh each program. We can do that for you.

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