Made A Mistake? These Are The 4 Highest Rated Online Traffic Schools

Trust us on this one, it’s our job. So, you have to go to traffic school. Sure you are an adult and this seems like a silly thing to have to do and we agree. We made it easy for you, do it online and here are the top picks for which online programs you should consider taking. These are our short and sweet recommendations for each of our top rated programs, all scoring 5 stars but feel free to check out the full length review using the review tab above.

#1 iDriveSafely – Best Online Traffic School

Why not start at the top? We are not here to waste time. We love these guys from a program standpoint and there business model is top notch as well. They have been around for almost exactly as long as online driving programs have been available and maintained an A+ status from the Better Business Bureau for nearly all of it. We rate them 5 stars.

We reward them the top spot based not only on their business technique but their satisfaction ratios. They are consistent in staying within the requirements of each state they are certified in (see review for full list) as well as keeping their costs down where we feel comfortable saying you are getting a product you deserve at a manageable and appropriate price.

The reason you should keep reading more about the next school is not only because we put the effort into summarizing more than one traffic school but because iDriveSafely is effective, affordable and professional but the course itself can be a little boring and you have to move at the pace of the program timer. Good enough reason to at least check out the next top rated traffic school.

#2 Improv Traffic School – Most Entertaining Online Traffic School

You asked for it. Want to be entertained and kept awake while learning going through traffic school online? This is the place. Improv Traffic School provides you with some fun while going through an otherwise boring and stressful process. Instead of mindlessly clicking through the information, hoping you retain it, Improv has you watching funny videos, cartoons and humorous stories. It was created by Hollywood comedians so it is actually pretty funny not just attempting to be.

Unprecedented customer respect and appreciation. These guys take the idea of the customer above and beyond. Yes, they are already affordable but they will give you a 100% refund up until the final exam. What? They also maintain 24/7/365 customer support line, need help over a holiday? You can call, e-mail or live chat with your questions. Most importantly, Improv is ahead of the curve with their programs. They have updated and relevant course material, some states have courses that don’t have to be held back by a timer AND they even have a mobile option. You can really take them anywhere. Not to mention they reward you at the end with FREE tickets to any Improv Comedy Club location in the country. Yeah, we know, you’re welcome.

So entertaining, why read on to the next school? Well maybe making everything a joke is not your style and believe us there were some corny moments in this course. Traffic safety is no joke and we are here to learn and move on.

#3 – Most Improved Traffic School

There is something to be said about a company that can take crtiticism and turn it into an improved product. Not that wasn’t already a viable option for great online traffic schools but in recent years they have really stepped their game up. One of the biggest issues we have found with adult traffic schools is that they lack relevance and effort in keeping up with newer issues. heard this complaint and turned it around. is now a course full of videos, games, animation and 3D models to keep you interested. We understand no adult traffic school course is going to be as fun as whatever you did to have to take the class in the first place. However, it will be worth more and you might as well find an entertaining one to spend some of your otherwise down time finishing. Plus our favorite part about these guys is their innovative outlook on the ‘behind the wheel’ requirements. Usually, you will have to go another school to take the behind the wheel portion of the traffic school. is too smart for that and with them you have the option to have someone sent to your house to complete this portion of the requirements. That’s worth 5 stars right by itself.

Why take the time to consider the final recommendation when we have already given you such great options? Well that’s up to you but we don’t think you are going to want to miss out on this one.

#4 Traffic 101 – Rookie Of The Year

If you read up on our certification requirements you’ll know that the only reason Traffic 101 has not received a TSC certification is because it is only a 9 year old company. Otherwise this option is right up there with the stars.

Some awesome differences for this program include free to try, free courses for every 100th customer and it’s easy to use. No glitches like some of the other sites and the quizzes are very straightforward and easy. You won’t get any silly videos or cartoons but if you are ready to get through this as simply as possible Traffic 101 is for you! Other than being boring there biggest obstacle is that they have been certified in very few states compared to the other options on this list.

Take a moment to evaluate what is most important to you in taking these courses and look for further detail. We full heartedly recommend these 4 sites as your best adult online traffic schools.