Texas Defensive Driving Course Online - Save Money And Time

We will go out on a limb and say that even if you are making the voluntary choice to take a defensive driving course or any driving course, you aren’t necessarily excited about it. Luckily, Texas has some of the best online driving courses and regulations that not only benefit you as a driver but also your insurance, all while making convenience a top priority. By taking an online defensive driving course, you will be like a real adult while watching videos on your computer, like any other night. There are tons of positive reasons to consider online defensive driving courses in Texas, and they greatly outweigh the general classroom-induced boredom that comes with taking any course.

Why Take A Defensive Driving Course At All?

There are a few reasons to consider when taking a defensive driving course, and not all of them are court-ordered. However, the most common reason drivers take any sort of traffic school is based on some kind of legal process. In Texas, taking a defensive driving class is a way to dismiss a ticket for a moving violation. This allows you to remove the ticket from your driving record. We encourage inquiring about this option as long as you have not taken a class of this type within the last 12 months.

Like many other states, Texas has a points program in regards to violations on your record. These are the few programs where getting points is not a good thing. If you have too many moving violations on your record, 6 points in 3 years, you will be charged a surcharge for those points. Taking a defensive driving course instead of having the violation added to your point total will save you from that surcharge but, more importantly, keep you out of a situation where your driving record becomes a burden. Even if the course is mandated, you will still learn something valuable from the coursework, even if you don’t want to.

The other common question we get about defensive driving courses is how taking the course can benefit your car insurance rates. Well, relative to the point system, your insurance will also go up with the addition of violations to your driving record. Obviously, getting the ticket dismissed is always a wise option. However, most insurance companies offer some sort of responsible driver program if you opt to take the course without it being in recovery from a violation. You can just take the course on your own and reap the benefits of lowered insurance rate.

Although this may not be one of your intentions to take a Texas defensive driving course, going through the online class not only eliminates your ticket and saves you money, it can ultimately save your life in the long run. By refreshing your knowledge of defensive driving techniques, you’ll hone your learned safe driving skills and learn something new to keep you and other people safe while you’re behind the wheel. This is also an excellent way to brush up on practical and valuable skills to foster a safer and better driving experience. Plus, you’ll have the chance to relearn and undo some of your acquired unsafe driving habits.

Online defensive driving schools in Texas offer a short yet concise and highly effective series of lectures to ensure that, aside from removing your ticket or getting an insurance premium, you’ll also acquire life-saving defensive driving skills.

After taking the course, for any of these reasons, just send in a copy of your completed course certificate to your insurance agent and judge. They will get you set up to apply your excellent, adult decision to take the course to your current insurance rate and driving record. Then you’re all set to talk to your friends about how to make better life choices, like you do, at the next social gathering.

Why Online Defensive Driving Course In Texas?

There is always the looming hesitation that an online option is somehow not as good as the other versions. However, there is evidence that this idea is not accurate, and the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles says that it is completely okay to take the same driving courses online. Since your only concern must be what the DMV thinks, I suppose we can take their word for it. 

Aside from the quality, which we can all agree is the same – if not better – than the classroom version, there are some unparalleled positives to taking the Texas defensive driving courses online. The pros of taking an online course also apply in the Lone Star state. First, there is the convenience of doing it in your own home, in your relaxed, preferred learning environment. Second, an online course can fit in around your current schedule, and there’s no need to explain to your boss that you need time off to go to traffic school. Finally, you sacrifice less of your everyday routine when you take the defensive driving course online.

The best part about this specific course is that it is a 6-hour course, but you do not have to do it all at once. This significantly increases your ability to retain the information. When taken in a classroom setting, instructors throw you so much information just to through it. No amount of Adderall could keep a person entirely focused on the same information for six straight hours. 

An online defensive driving course has easy-to-understand and valuable learning materials to take the boredom out of learning safe driving. Suppose you don’t enjoy reading text-based course materials. You’d rather watch tv or listen to a podcast. In that case, there are online defensive driving schools that have interactive videos and audio you can watch and read along as you go about completing the course. Some even have graphics and animation and shorter chapters to help you retain more information without cluttering your brain. The convenience of not having to go on a commute or drive to a physical classroom to complete a defensive driving course is also a bonus.

Many of the courses you can take online give you the option to save your progress and return to it when you are ready. Therefore, you can be in a headspace to learn and not force to let information go in one ear and out the other. Everything else is done online; literally, everything and Texas is smart enough to recognize that and allow the opportunity to do traffic schools online. 

You may take and enjoy all the advantages of a Texas online defensive driving course and get that ticket dismissed, or your insurance lowered at your own pace. And at the same time, become a more responsible and accountable driver who takes safe and defensive driving a personal responsibility.

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