Defensive Driver Course

Defensive driving is considered a life hack, especially in states like California and New York where roads are often chaotic. Most drivers can avoid the mayhem by driving more defensively. However, road collisions are unforgiving and don’t exempt even the most defensive of drivers! Your new car may be all dinged up within a blink of an eye. Still, it doesn’t only impact your material possessions — even your credibility takes a hit! You may be issued traffic tickets, impacting your morale while also raising your insurance premiums. 

Don’t worry! Many states allow drivers who have received traffic tickets to get their tickets dismissed or charges reduced by taking a defensive driver course. In the past, these courses were offered in classrooms, but the internet has been a boon to online traffic schools, and many defensive driving courses are now offered online.

Although not all states allow traffic school requirements to be fulfilled online, many states, including California, Texas, and Florida, do allow for it. Online traffic schools are easy to sign up for and convenient to take.

Sounds great right? So what’s the problem? The internet really has been a boon to online traffic schools, both good and bad. There are many great online defensive driver courses, but there are also many bad ones, including many schools that are nothing more than scams.

In fact, many online traffic schools will state that they are state-certified, without identifying the states that provide their certification. If you take a course that is certified by Florida, but you live in Texas, you have basically wasted your time and money.

Even more importantly, the quality necessary to receive state certification is such a low bar that it does not guarantee that you will be taking a quality defensive driving course that will actually teach you how to be a better driver. State certification is essentially meaningless when it comes to figuring out which courses are quality courses.

What Traffic School Critics Can Do For You

Traffic School Critics makes it easy to research online traffic schools and find the best course for your state at the best possible price. We review all of the most popular online traffic schools from the best to the worst.

All our reviews are performed by a certified CDL driving instructor who has designed online driving courses himself. As a former long-haul trucker, our reviewer knows about keeping safe on the road.

TSC Certification

Not only do we review online traffic schools, we have created our own rigorous certification with standards that far exceed any state certification. Less than 5% of all online traffic schools meet our TSC Certification.

To receive a TSC Certification, an online traffic school must:

• Have and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Having this track record of satisfied customers is important for the TSC Certification. If the rating drops, we rescind our certification.
• Provide outstanding customer service. TSC Certification requires that the online traffic school provide real human customer service through phone, chat, and email 24/7/365, no automated answering systems allowed.
• Have had at least 500,000 customers over at least a 5-year operating history. This ensures that scammers or new companies looking to make a quick dollar cannot receive the certification.
• Submit proof of state certification, along with a clear identification of the states in which they are certified.

Online Traffic School Discounts

Traffic School Critics is not only committed to finding the best online traffic schools and defensive driving courses available online but is also committed to getting you the best possible prices on the courses you take.

Part of our consideration in reviews is whether the prices for the courses are set below the industry average or at the minimum prices mandated by state law.

We also negotiate special pricing deals and discount codes for many of our TSC Certified online traffic schools for our readers. However, before using these discounts, it is important to note that some states or individual traffic court jurisdictions do not allow discount pricing to be used for online traffic schools.

Online Driver’s Education Courses

Whether you’re a teenager or an adult trying to obtain a driver’s license for the first time, we also apply the same meticulous approach to reviewing online driver’s education courses as we do to online traffic schools.

The same TSC Certification system used for online traffic schools is also used for online driver’s education courses.

TSC Certified Online Traffic Programs

Below are four of the TSC Certified courses that are a preview of some highly-reviewed, TSC Certified online traffic schools reviewed on our site:

Defensive Driver Course iDriveSafely

As one of the pioneers of online defensive driving schools, this company has been in business for over 15 years and has over 4 million customers. 

Even when things get busy, you can count on I Drive Safely to give you complete freedom in your driver safety studies. This is because their course is fully online – no need for textbooks or classrooms. Their course chapters are easy to understand and help make the learning process a lot simpler. You’ll get access to a combination of text lessons, animated videos, and audio clips – all from the comfort of your home

Best Online Traffic School

Best Online Traffic School

The Best Online Traffic School is one of the newest traffic schools out there, but it isn’t any less credible. It is fully accredited by California’s Department of Motor Vehicles and recognized by even the most prominent insurance companies anywhere in the state. If you’re looking for a modern take on defensive driver courses, The Best Online Traffic School is a great choice. For $19.99, students can quickly reduce their traffic fines and insurance premiums. The twelve-module course is available in various languages, including English, Chinese, and Spanish. If you aren’t much of a reader, the Best Online Traffic School also offers auditory learning apart from the more traditional reading material. And the best part? You can study the whole course for FREE. You only pay when it’s time to take the final exam.

Defensive Driver Course Improv

This is the only online traffic school that offers both entertainment and quality driving safety instruction. Their courses are co-written by professional comedy writers. So if you want to make your learning experience an enjoyable ride, is the best school for you. Not only is their online traffic school course hilariously engaging, but it’s also highly informative. If you also enjoy having some fun outside classes, you’ll get 4 FREE tickets to Improv Comedy Club if you finish their course – you can enjoy it with your friends.

Defensive Driver Course DriversEd

Although they primarily offer driver’s education courses, they only offer online traffic instruction in California, Michigan, and Texas. No worries though because they offer online traffic school courses for other states through iDriveSafely.

Defensive Driver Course GoToTrafficSchool

They have been around since 1999 and they offer online traffic school courses in over 25 states across the country. Their mobile-friendly text lessons are combined with animated videos, audio clips, and 3D driving simulators to make learning more engaging and interesting. You can complete the 100% online from any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 

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