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It doesn’t matter how careful of a driver you are. At some point or another, you’ll likely receive a traffic ticket. If this occurs in California, then you might just quality to remove the ticket from your record with the help of an online traffic school. There are dozens of online traffic schools available in California. It’s important to choose one that matches well with your individual needs and preferences. You should also keep your eyes open for a school that is reputable, affordable, and convenient. Below we review Exclusive Traffic School in-depth. Because every traffic school is different, the same one won’t be right for everyone. So it could be that Exclusive Traffic School is the right option for you.

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Is ExclusiveTrafficSchool.com A Legit Online Traffic School?


The short answer is yes. Exclusive Traffic School is legitimate and certified through and through. The California Department of Motor Vehicles has them registered with a certification number of E0598. We would like to see Exclusive Traffic School provide a little more information about their company on their website though. They fail to provide anything of real value. This lack of transparency easily creates suspicion in customers, causing them to select other options. With a sentence or two about their company, Exclusive Traffic School would greatly boost their overall image in the eyes of their customers.

ExclusiveTrafficSchool.com Customer Support Overview


Exclusive Traffic School provides so-so customer support. It’s not anywhere close to the best around but it will get the job done fine for the majority of people. The company’s phone lines are staffed with customer service representatives only between the hours of 9am and 5pm PST Monday to Friday. Call outside of these hours and you’ll need to leave a message. However, that’s not to say that the customer service they do offer isn’t excellent. All of the representatives are incredibly knowledgeable and more than happy to help point you in the right direction. So our one real gripe in this regard is the lack of 24/7 customer support. In an industry where this is quickly becoming the norm, Exclusive Traffic School is going to have to adapt to this soon to stay relevant.

How ExclusiveTrafficSchool.com Works

The online course offered by Exclusive Traffic School is convenient, fast, and relatively easy. In fact, they guarantee that you’ll pass – or you get your money back. The process of using Exclusive Traffic School starts with registration. During this step, you enter your personal and ticket/court information into the provided fields. As soon as this information is verified and you make your payment, you’ll be given access to the course material. The course material itself is simple and straightforward. Exclusive Traffic School doesn’t attempt to do anything fancy with it. The information provided is broken up into several chapters. Each chapter is followed by a short quiz to help you review what you’ve just learned. After completing all of the chapters, you’re ready for the final exam. The final exam consists of 25 DMV-approved multiple-choice questions. You must pass the final exam with at least a 70 percent grade. As soon as you pass the exam, a certificate of completion is automatically sent to the presiding court as well as the DMV. At this point, you’ve completed your Exclusive Traffic School online course.

How Long Does the ExclusiveTrafficSchool.com Course Take?

The Exclusive Traffic School course takes everyone a different amount of time. Because California no longer requires course timers, you can finish at your own pace. Some people can finish in as little as one hour while others need up to ten hours. The recommended amount of review time is somewhere in the ballpark of six to eight hours.

What We Like About ExclusiveTrafficSchool.com

Exclusive Traffic School has a number of high points. Chief among them is their service’s affordable pricing as well as its all around convenience. Both the website and the course itself are very well organized and easy to use.

What We Don’t Like About ExclusiveTrafficSchool.com

There are a couple things that keep Exclusive Traffic School from a top ranking. At the top of the list is their so-so customer service. In an industry where 24/7/365 support is king, we’d love to see Exclusive Traffic School adopt this. Not only that, we feel they need to adopt it to stay relevant in a quickly changing industry.

In Summary

When it boils down to it, Exclusive Traffic School is a decent choice for an online traffic school in California. They’ll get the job done but they won’t provide anything special in the process. It all depends on what you’re looking for in an online traffic school course.

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