So, you’ve got to slog your way through online traffic school. Maybe you’ve got a ticket you need purged from your record, maybe you’re in need of a refresher course on the finer points of driving, or maybe you just can’t figure out how to parallel park. Whatever the case, online traffic school is an option that’s been growing in popularity for some time. It might just be the perfect thing for you.

Many states are offering online traffic school courses as an option for people who need traffic violations removed from their records. The industry is growing, which means there are more and more options for the busy driver who needs to get their ticket removed as soon as possible, preferably from the comfort of their own home. Unfortunately, this means there are plenty of subpar courses clogging the internet, trying to cash in on a fad. Don’t be suckered in by clickbait or “good reviews” that some site owner paid for. Online traffic schools are serious business, you shouldn’t waste time or money on an inadequate course.

Good Online Traffic School Options

There are plenty of stellar online traffic courses, such as … and Improv Traffic School, but one of your best bets for satisfactory online traffic education comes from Traffic Survival School Online. Based out of Arizona, Traffic Survival School is one of the best options for getting a good traffic course online at a reasonable price. There are cheaper courses, but the extra expense is well worth it. Traffic education is one area you do not want to skimp on.

The website’s interface is lean and utilitarian. There’s no flashy GIFs or obnoxious banner ads, just clean, clear links that are easy to navigate. Load times are short, even on slower computers, and the site also works well on tablets and smartphones. There are no ads on Traffic Survival School, nothing to distract from the information. It also doesn’t require you to download any new software to view it. Many similar sites try to get you to download Flash or Silverlight before they let you access the coursework. Traffic Survival School is far easier to access than the competition.

How Long Does Registration Take?

Registration only takes a few minutes and you’ll get a confirmation email almost instantly, including some convenient email reminders about upcoming classes. The online portion offers unlimited log in privileges, meaning you can take a break whenever is necessary and log back in when you’re feeling more focused. It’s very amenable to anyone with a busy schedule. Traffic Survival School lets you work at your own pace. There’s also a robust customer support system that can be contacted through both email and phone.

The online course can be used to eliminate Arizona driving tickets or to reduce your insurance costs, which is more than worth the $39 price tag. It takes about 4 hours total to complete the online course, which can be split up into smaller chunks if you aren’t able to spend a whole afternoon on driver’s ed. The content of the course is up to date, offering the latest theories on driving safety. Traffic school will never be a thrill ride, but Traffic Survival School does its part to liven things up with some videos and interactive charts and graphs that do a good job keeping you engaged.

Defensive Driving Options

They also offer a course on “defensive driving”, a series of rules laid down by the National Safety Council to ensure drivers have the skills they need to avoid dangerous and expensive collisions. Traffic Survival School updates their defensive driving itinerary as often as possible to keep up with the latest techniques. They teach how to keep a good interval between yourself and other cars on the road, how to handle tailgaters and emergency vehicles, and some basic tips for keeping focused on the road during longer car rides. This information is sorely lacking in many drivers these days. Traffic Survival School doesn’t want you to be one of them.

While the defensive driving course is geared for people who have received a ticket and wish to avoid putting citations on their record, there is also a program for people who have already received citations and wish to have them removed. Usually assigned a judge, the traffic survival course costs $125 and cannot be completed online. Rest assured, the in-person classes offered by Traffic Survival School are just as satisfactory as the online ones. Traffic Survival School has some extremely knowledgeable teachers on staff, each more patient than the last. They offer reasonable hours in both mornings and afternoons as well as several convenient locations in the cities of Mesa, Lake Havasu, Chandler and Phoenix. Classes can be rescheduled but you must complete the eight hour course within 60 days of being ordered to by a judge.

Voluntary Online Traffic School Courses

Lastly, there is a voluntary course offered by Traffic Survival School that will help keep you up to date on the latest changes in Arizona motor vehicle laws and regulations. The fees for the course are very low, more than worth it for the benefits you can receive. In addition to simply being more knowledgeable about driving laws (always a good thing), the course can qualify you for insurance discounts with certain providers. Teens who are about to receive their driver’s license can also take the course as a refresher before their final exams. It covers subjects like the benefits of seat belts, the risks of driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs, and a primer on local ordinances and laws that could apply in your area.

You can’t put a price on traffic safety. More than 30,000 people are killed in the United States every year by traffic-related accidents and collisions. You have to take every precaution to avoid becoming one of those unfortunate people, which means being aware of laws and regulations, keeping your driving skills sharp, and keeping a cautious, positive mindset towards operating a motor vehicle, an activity most of us take for granted. Fortunately, the folks at Traffic Survival School Online are more than ready to give you the information you need to stay safe.

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