Faster Easier Better obviously isn’t mincing words when it comes to how highly it regards its online traffic school. Does it live up to its over-stated moniker though? To some extent, the answer is yes, but there are some pitfalls.

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Is Faster Easier Better Online Traffic School Legitimate?

Faster Easier Better is a legitimate traffic school with a DMV license (#E1939) that was issued 6 July 2012. The business is registered under UNIVERSAL E COM CALL CENTER, a business based in Panorama City, CA. Faster Easier Better does not have any current or prior administrative actions against it. Though the license was awarded in 2012, a location wasn’t opened until 2014. This has no bearing on the legitimacy of the business. The delay does, however, leave a small question in the mind of the user as to why the owner waited so long to construct the website and why, given all that time, the website isn’t a bit more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. The contact address is: WWW.FASTEREASIERBETTER.COM 14526 ROSCOE BLVD STE 215 PANORAMA CITY CA 91402 Tel: (800)357-0586

Customer Support At Faster Easier Better Online Traffic School


One would think that a traffic school that has a call center as its parent company would offer 24/7 technical support. That is not the case with Faster Easier Better. A perusal of the website offers no information regarding support services, but does offer a phone number for “general information” that has stated hours of 7am – 6pm Mon-Fri and 7am – 12 pm Sat. Email, the site claims, is answered within 1 business day. That means that emails sent after noon on Saturday may not be answered until later in the day on Monday. Registration is either online or via phone. Phone registration can, at least, help to smooth over issues that often surround identify verification with online traffic schools. It isn’t clear from the site whether the phone registration option is available 24/7.

Mobile Friendliness

Faster Easier Better is optimized for mobile devices and advertises on its website that it will work with any web-enabled device. Users will find that the best viewing is done on a desktop or laptop computer, but it is nice for on-the-go individuals to have a dedicated mobile option.

How It Works

Registration is online or via phone and requires users to answer a set of unique questions that identify them as the person who should be taking the test (required by DMV/court regulations). Once registration is complete, users have full access to learning material and the exam. Unlike most online traffic schools, Faster Easier Better does not allow for unlimited exam attempts. After two failures, users are required to re-enroll. Users are also required to pay the registration fee with each new enrollment, something that many sites wave for users who fail a course. As the website points out, failure is uncommon given that the exam is open-book, but that only makes it more bizarre that the site doesn’t offer free re-enrollment. As with almost all online traffic schools, a certification of completion is sent directly to the DMV/courts when a user passes the exam.


Faster Easier Better offers an online only course for $19.95. All learning materials are accessed online with this option. For users who prefer to read from a book, the cost increases to $26.95. The site accepts only credit cards with no option for PayPal.

How Long Does the Course Take?

The course is slated to take 340 minutes, but users can finish at their own pace. The exam can be taken at any time after enrollment.

What We Like

Faster Easier Better offers a mobile-optimized online traffic school for a low price, which is great. It also offers a comedy-based curriculum aimed at making the reading fun and interesting. Content consists of test as well as color illustrations and videos. The coursework can be completed at any pace and there are no timers.

What We Don’t Like

The company is a little opaque in terms of the information that it provides regarding customer service. It is also a bit disquieting that Faster Easier Better does not offer free re-enrollment for users who fail the course, an offer that has become nearly universal in the industry. The website has a decidedly unprofessional feel to it.


Faster Easier Better is an okay option, particularly for people who want a cheap mobile-friendly traffic course. That said, it probably isn’t the best option out there. Its customer support services could be better. Overall, it is a slightly below average offering. Improvements in transparency and customer support could really boost this course’s rating.

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