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*** TRAFFIC SCHOOL STREET IS NO LONGER IN BUSINESS *** Traffic School Street has been in business since 2014, offering a basic online traffic school package to help individuals avoid tickets and costly fines. The school offers both English and Spanish language courses, which makes it somewhat unique in the world of online traffic schools. It is also geared toward convenience, lacking timers and offering a “come-and-go-as-you-please” curriculum. Does Traffic School Street measure up to the competition in other ways though?

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Is Traffic School Street Legitimate?


Traffic School Street is licensed by the California DMV under license number E0591. It has been in business since September of 2014 and is owned by Internet Education Programs, a company that owns several online traffic schools. There are not current or prior administrative actions against Traffic School Street. There have been no actions against Internet Education Programs. The contact address is: TRAFFICSCHOOLSTREET.COM 3440 WILSHIRE BLVD 256 LOS ANGELES CA 90010 Tel: (855)268-4268

Customer Support


Most online traffic schools offer very limited support services and Traffic School Street is no exception. Support hours are strictly limited to Monday through Friday from eight in the morning until five in the evening. While not the bottom of the barrel in terms of customer service, the support offered by Traffic School Street is also not among the best offered by an online traffic school. For users who are not accustomed to online courses, having limited support may mean calling during personal or business hours, which can be a major inconvenience. Overall, support gets an average rating.

Mobile Friendliness

Traffic School Street offers no specific support for mobile browsers. While the site may be viewable on many mobile devices, particularly larger devices like tablets, it may be difficult to use and difficult to read on smaller screens. Lack of mobile support is common among online traffic schools, with only a few offering dedicated mobile sites. For people who require heavy mobile support, Traffic School Street is probably not the best option. Mobile support gets an average rating.

How It Works

Registration is online and is followed up by immediate access to study material, quizzes, and exams. There is no minimum amount of time that must be spent on any given chapter, but all quizzes must be passed before the final exam can be taken. There are no timers, but users do have to answer personal identity validation questions in order to complete the exam. The exam has a pass rate of 70% and can be taken twice. If an exam is failed twice, users must retake the course. Traffic School Street offers a pass-or-we-pay guarantee, which means that users who do not pass the final exam will be given access to the course a second time without charge.


Traffic School Street is priced at just $16.95, which makes it one of the cheapest traffic schools available. It also offers a price-match guarantee, which means that it will meet the price of any school that happens to be cheaper. In some cases, the school has offered its course the price of $7.95 to match sale prices offered by other course. Payment is strictly by credit card with no option for PayPal.

What We Like

The price is good and the pass-or-we-pay policy means that Traffic School Street is virtually risk free. Registration is simple and certificates are automatically mailed to both the DMV/courts and the customer. The site uses secure encryption from GoDaddy to ensure that customer data is protected against theft.

What We Don’t Like

The course material is average, offering no interesting twist to make the material easier for learners to consume. The lack of mobile support suggests that Traffic School Street is doing just enough to get by, but isn’t going out of its way to offer customers convenience.


The curriculum at Traffic School Street is average, so are the customer support and mobile support. The price is among the lowest around, but it doesn’t do much to make up for the relatively lackluster curriculum. The site provides both English and Spanish language courses, which is a welcome difference compared to many traffic schools. Unfortunately, the exam itself must be completed in English, so it is unclear how helpful it is to take the course in a different language. The overall rating is just average. Tweaking mobile support or offering a more engaging curriculum would be easy ways for Traffic School Street to boost its ranking. *** TRAFFIC SCHOOL STREET IS NO LONGER IN BUSINESS ***

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