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Sometimes, following the rules of the road just isn’t on your list of things to do, and in the rare event you get caught driving like a rebel, there will be heckballs to pay. First, you’ll get a point against your license, which puts you that much closer to losing it. Secondly, your insurance company will have none of that. They’ll raise your premium, and you can kiss some of your spending cash goodbye. But it doesn’t have to end like that. Taking a traffic violator course will enable you to keep your point, and your ticket will be masked so that what happened on the road will stay on the road, and your insurance company will never have to know about your little transgression. And the best thing of all is that online traffic violator schools in California proliferate, and Self Study Traffic School is just one of many to choose from.

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Is Self Study Traffic School Legit?

Self Study Traffic School started providing online traffic school in all California counties in December of 2013. They’re fairly new to the online traffic school game, but that doesn’t really mean much one way or the other. Their website is fully encrypted so that your information will remain safe from prying eyes. So yes, Self Study Traffic School is full-on legit.

Features of Self Study Traffic School

The cost of Self Study Traffic School’s traffic violator course is $25.99. That’s about six bucks higher than what appears to be the industry standard of $19.95 or so. The cost gets you the course, the final exam, and the same-day electronic transmission of your certificate to the DMV. Now, if you’ve waited until the last possible minute to take your course, the higher price of this course will be off-set by the extra money you’ll have to pay many other traffic schools to expedite the submission of your certificate, because a lot of other traffic schools only guarantee that your certificate will arrive at the DMV within 3 business days of completing the course, and they’ll charge you around $25 to send it any sooner. This course doesn’t utilize timers, which used to be required by the DMV and are still used by some online traffic schools. Timers keep you on each chapter for around 40 minutes, and you can’t move on until the time runs out, which can be a big drag if you’re a fast reader. If you’re hoping to take traffic school on your phone or tablet while you’re lounging on the couch in your underpants, you’re in luck, because this course is available to take on most mobile devices. Having trouble? Self Study Traffic School offers phone support from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week, which is far better than the customer support hours most traffic schools offer. Emails are usually answered within an hour, but it may take as long as one business day to get a response to an email inquiry. Did we mention that this is a comedy course? Self Study Traffic School wants you to laugh while you learn, and the course is therefore packed with “hilarious traffic jokes” and all manner of video clips, interactive activities, and colorful graphics. While we can’t really imagine ROFLMAO about traffic jokes, we’re touched that Self Study Traffic School cares enough to want you to have fun taking the course.

How it Works

First, you sign up for the course. You’ll need your driver’s license number and your ticket information. Once you pay the fee, you’re all set to start the course. Each chapter features a short, easy quiz at the end to help you prepare for the final. You can take as many stabs at the quiz as you need in order to pass it and move on to the next chapter. The 25-question final exam is all multiple choice, and you need to get a score of 70 percent to pass. You get two attempts at passing, and if you fail both attempts, you’ll have to pay to take the course again. But fear not! The exam is open-book, so you can look back through the chapters to get the right answer. After you pass the course, your certificate will be transmitted to the DMV that day. The DMV will pass it along to your presiding court, and it’s always a good idea to call the court after a couple of days to make sure your ticket has been masked. And that’s it! Straightforward and simple!

What We Like About Self Study Traffic School

We like the same-day certificate processing, and we like the lack of timers on the course. We like that you can take it on your mobile devices, and we like that you can reach customer service seven days a week by phone. And it’s nice that this is a comedy course, even though we can’t attest to how hilarious it actually is.

What We Don’t Like About Self Study Traffic School

The price of Self Study Traffic School’s course is a little steep, although if you waited until the very last possible second to take the course, you’ll actually end up saving money since you won’t have to pay an extra $25 or more to have your certificate processed the same day. A price match guarantee or a money back guarantee would be nice, but it’s certainly not a deal breaker.

Rating for Self Study Traffic School

Self Study Traffic School may cost a few clams more than other courses, but depending on your circumstances, the extra cost may be worth it, since they offer more perks than many other online traffic schools. Despite the higher price, Self Study Traffic School is a little above average in their offerings, and as such, they get an average rating of three stars.

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