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*** NOTE: DRIVE ALIVE 365 IS OUT OF BUSINESS *** What is it with online traffic schools and outdated websites? It seems like the vast majority of those operating in California still have websites stuck in the early 1990s – Drive Alive 365 included. But, fortunately, there is more to a good online traffic school than a great website. And Drive Alive 365 has taken this to heart. For more information on their affordable pricing, convenient coursework, and above-average customer service, continue reading our review of the company below.

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Is a Legit Online Traffic School?

To put it simply, yes, Drive Alive 365 is as legit an online traffic school as you’ll find in California. The company is certified for use statewide by the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). They are listed with the certification number E0331. Unfortunately, it’s hard to learn much about Drive Alive 365 beyond their certification. They don’t even have an “About Us” section on their website. While this isn’t a deal breaker, we definitely see it as a disadvantage. Companies feel a lot less spammy when they actually provide information about themselves on their website. Customer Support Overview

The customer support offered by Drive Alive 365 is so-so. It gets the job done but doesn’t go above and beyond. They offer live phone support during business hours from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. We would love to see them extend this to 24/7/365 like many other companies in the industry have done.

How Works

Drive Alive 365 knows that despite the benefits of online traffic school, it’s not something that you really want to be doing. Taking this into account, they’ve made their coursework as easy as possible to complete. While not exciting by any means, at least the material is kept simple and streamlined. Registration is the first step of the Drive Alive 365 process. It only takes a few minutes to register by entering your personal information, ticket information, and payment information. The company will ask a few short verification questions as well. The point of these is to make sure the same person the driving ticket is issued to is the one actually taking the course. Coursework is available as soon as registration and verification is complete. You can begin working on it at any time. In fact, this is the top benefit of an online driving school. They let you work on the course material at your own pace. You can even break it up into chunks. There is no need to take the entire course all at once unless you want to. Drive Alive 365’s coursework is followed by an online final exam. You must answer at least 70 percent of the 25 multiple-choice questions to pass. The company lets you retake the test twice. If you don’t pass it in your first two tries, you can retake the entire course for free. You can do this as many times as it takes you to pass the final exam.

How Long Does the Course Take?

Because California no longer requires course timers, everyone will spend a different amount of time taking the Drive Alive 365 course. The time it takes you to finish basically depends on your own individual needs and preferences. Though you can work through it at your own pace, you’ll want to spend enough time reviewing the material so you pass the final exam. 4 to 6 hours of review is the recommended time to spend.

What We Like About

Drive Alive 365 is a solid online traffic school through and through. We particularly like the way their coursework is laid out. While its not enjoyable by any means, it sure is a lot better than that offered by the majority of the company’s competitors. And even this slight edge offers them a huge advantage.

What We Don’t Like About

There are a few things we are not too excited about when it comes to Drive Alive 365. Unfortunately, all of the things we didn’t like are reminiscent of the online traffic school industry as a whole (save for a few of the best companies). For starters, the website is outdated. It looks old and thrown today. This does nothing to inspire customer trust. Second, they only offer customer service during business hours. With the best companies offering around-the-clock live customer support, it’s hard to select one that doesn’t.

In Summary

Drive Alive 365 gets the job done. It’s not the best online traffic school in California but it certainly does everything you need it to do. With that said, we recommend Drive Alive 365, but encourage you to look into other options as well. *** NOTE: DRIVE ALIVE 365 IS OUT OF BUSINESS ***

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