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So you got busted flying past a red octagonal sign with some sort of “S” word on it, or you got caught speeding down the freeway without regard to those white rectangular signs with big black numbers on them. Well, you’ll learn what those and other signs mean when you take online traffic school through aptly-named and highly reputable

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Is Legit?


TrafficSchoolOnline opened its virtual doors in 1997, after one Steve Soldis received a traffic ticket the year before and didn’t particularly enjoy in-person traffic school. While most people who suffer through eight hours of traffic school go home and self-medicate their catatonia with a six pack, Soldis got right on top of creating an online traffic school, the first of its kind, which makes him the grandaddy of going to traffic school in your boxers or curlers. Not only that, but Soldis’ company is currently working to create a nationally recognized program. is licensed by the California DMV to operate statewide. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and site is verified by VeriSign as well as SSL encryption, so you can rest assured your information is safe. So yes, is legit.

Overview of the Program

After signing up for’s self-paced online traffic school course, which is exactly the process you might imagine it to be, complete with your personal identifying info and some of the numbers you’ll find on your citation, you can get started on the course right away. The course consists of 11 units, each of which is followed by a review quiz. The final exam features 25 multiple choice questions, and you have to get at least a 70 percent to pass. But it’s an open book test, which means that you can look back through the course materials to find the right answers. If you fail the test anyway, you can take it one more time before having to take the whole course over again. The program automatically saves your work, so if you get logged out by accident, you won’t have to start anew. Once you finish the course, your certificate of completion will be automatically transmitted to the DMV. If you waited until the very last possible microsecond to finish the course, rest assured they’ll transmit the certificate the same day you finish the course, as long as you finish it by 3pm PST.

System Requirements’s course can be taken on a Mac or PC, but they recommend using a laptop or desktop instead of a mobile device. If you have an older web browser, you may have trouble viewing some of the course materials, so you should update to the most current version of IE, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. It’s good to know that most of the pages in the course require Javascript to be enabled, and some of the lessons feature pop-ups, so you’ll need to make sure those are enabled, too. Videos are Windows Media files, so if you’re on a Mac, you may need to download the appropriate WMV Player. Your standard screen resolution should be 1024×768 for your optimal viewing pleasure.

Cost & Customer Service


The cost of’s online traffic school course is $29.97. Why not $29.99? Or $29.95? That seven there reminds me of Wal-Mart, and that’s just depressing. But that’s a small thing. At any rate, they use the oldest trick in the book to, wherein the $29.97 is located beneath a crossed-out $34.95 to make you think you’re getting a really good deal. While $29.97 definitely isn’t the cheapest price around, does offer a low price guarantee. All you have to do is enter the website of a cheaper competing school and they’ll adjust the price of your course “upon verification of the final price.” Whether or not that verification process involves a delay in processing your order is unknown. Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 7 am to 5 pm PST and from 9 am to noon on the weekends.

What We Like About’s website is packed full of useful information, but it’s not hard to navigate through it all. They’re obviously a highly esteemed online traffic school, and they’re forthcoming with all of the information you need – and then some – in order to make an informed choice. So that’s refreshing. Also, they have a page where you can see some example course content, and that was nice.

What We Don’t Like About

Maybe I just have a complex, but lays it on pretty thick about how they’re the first and the best and the most popular and the most trusted and the most fabulous and awesome traffic school on the entire face of the earth, ever. It’s a little nauseating, but hey. If you got it, flaunt it, right? Even if it reminds you of Elise Roberts, who always did everything exactly right in Mrs. Miller’s algebra class and smirked at the rest of you as you struggled to figure out what y was even supposed to represent. Ahem. The site also features a “traffic school online demo” video that’s really just a boring commercial for That was also slightly annoying, since you would think that you’re gonna get to see what the actual course will be like. And to be honest, maybe later in the demo video you do. But I wasn’t going to sit through the whole perky spiel about how boring traffic school is and why taking an online traffic course is better than spending 8 solid hours on a Saturday in a depressing room with a bunch of depressing traffic violators. I already get that, lady! That’s why I’m on your site trying to check out your course demo! Also, and this maybe shouldn’t go under “what we don’t like,” but there are several thousand reviews for this course embedded in the website. Either they don’t let you finish the course without filling out a satisfaction survey with all fields required, or they put Kool-Aid in the…wait, that would be impossible. The overall rating they’ve received is 4.7 out of 5 stars, and the fascinating comments include things like “worth taking” and “make it shorter the course lessons.” I’m sure there are many other equally entertaining reviews out of the 3,700-plus reviews on the site as of this writing, if you’re inclined to get sucked into it.

Rating for may cost a little more than some other schools, depending on whether you feel like jumping through the required hoops in order to get a price match for a competing school, but you may feel that it’s worth the extra cost in exchange for the peace of mind you get knowing that this is a legit and highly regarded online traffic school. This school is full-on legit and obviously very reputable, so really, they should get yet another five-star review. But I’m gonna dock them a star just for being such insufferable braggarts and for making me sit through that redundant “demo” video.

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