Comedy And Fun Traffic School

Uh, oh! You got busted driving like a knucklehead, and now you’ve got to pay for it by sitting in a depressing classroom for eight hours, listening to an instructor (who probably wants to be there as much as you do) drone on about the proper way to drive. Or do you? No, you don’t! With the advent of online traffic school, you can opt out of the classroom and choose instead to take your traffic violator course online, in the comfort of your own home or nearby coffee shop (or bar, or park, or any other place on earth where there’s an Internet connection.) Online traffic school can take a whole lot of the pain out of the consequences of getting a traffic violation. After all, it’s not like you don’t know how to drive – you know the speed limit, you just choose not to obey it at times – and you shouldn’t have to give up an entire Saturday just because you have your own special way of doing things! So here’s the scoop on Comedy and Fun Traffic School, which is one of many, many online traffic violator schools in California.

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Is Comedy and Fun Traffic School Legit?

Comedy and Fun Traffic School opened in July of 2010, when it was officially licensed by the California DMV for statewide use. This makes Comedy and Fun 100% legit.

Features of Comedy and Fun Traffic School

Comedy and Fun Traffic School costs $19.95, which is neither the highest nor the lowest price you’ll find for online traffic school. The course is easy to read, and Comedy and Fun promises that their school will make for an enjoyable experience, what with its colorful graphics, interactive activities, and video clips. They also promise superior customer service, and indeed, their office hours aren’t the most restricted we’ve seen. You can contact them by phone Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. If you have a problem on Sunday, you’ll just have to suck it up until Monday morning. They also offer customer support via email. Comedy and Fun Traffic School is available in Spanish as well as English.

How it Works


Once you sign up and pay for your traffic violator course, you can start working on it right away. After each chapter, you’ll have to pass a 3-question quiz, which Comedy and Fun promises is composed of “thought-provoking questions.” After you complete all of the chapter quizzes, you’ll be taken to the final exam, which consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. You have to pass the exam with a 70 percent in order to pass the course. You have two opportunities to pass the test, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble with it, since it’s open-book and you can look back through the course to find the answers. Once you pass the course, your certificate of completion will be sent to the DMV electronically, and you’ll get a copy of the certificate via email.

What We Like About Comedy and Fun Traffic School

We like that Comedy and Fun at least attempts to make traffic school engaging enough that you can stick with it for more than ten minutes at a shot. Whether or not you’ll be ROFL depends on your own personal brand of humor. We like that customer service is available for at least a few hours on Saturdays, and we like that the course is available in Spanish for the same price as the English version.

What We Don’t Like About Comedy and Fun Traffic School

Normally, traffic schools that are mobile-friendly and untimed shout it from the mountaintop as added incentive for you to choose their course out of the hundreds that are available online. Since Comedy and Fun doesn’t state otherwise, it appears as though this course is only accessible via your laptop or desktop computer, which is kind of a drag if you were hoping to take it on your tablet at the beach. There’s also no mention of timers. Some online traffic schools’ courses are timed, which means that you have to spend a minimum amount of time on each chapter before you can move on. If you’re a superfast reader, you’ll have to find something to occupy your time until the hourglass runs out and you can move on.

Rating for Comedy and Fun Traffic School

Comedy and Fun Traffic School isn’t the most expensive course we’ve seen, but it’s not the least expensive, either. It may or may not (but probably not) be timed, and it may or may not (but probably not) be mobile friendly. They’ve been in business for some time – not as long as some, but longer than others.

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