Oxford Traffic Violator School Review

What can we say? We like Oxford Traffic Violator School. The company has been serving the Los Angeles area and beyond for over a decade with great results. The big thing that sets Oxford Traffic Violator School apart from other online traffic schools in California is that Internet traffic courses aren’t the only services it provides. They also provide the more traditional classroom traffic course approach as well as a booklet traffic course. On top of this, they even offer Driver’s Ed to those living in Los Angeles County. So what exactly do we like about Oxford Traffic Violator School? And who exactly is it best suited for? We answer both of these questions and more in our review of Oxford Traffic Violator School below. If you’re in the market for online traffic school, you have to check this review out.

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Is OxfordTrafficViolatorSchool.com A Legit Online Traffic School?


Let’s get right down to business: is Oxford Traffic Violator School legit? Naturally, verifying an online traffic school’s legitimacy is of utmost importance. Fortunately, this particular one pulls through with flying colors. Simply put, Oxford Traffic Violator School is as legit as they come. The company is certified with the Department of Motor Vehicles with a DMV license number of E1782. Their Internet course is available for legal use in each of California’s 58 counties. On top of their certification with the DMV, Oxford Traffic Violator School maintains a solid reputation both online and in the local community. They hold an “A+” ranking with the Better Business Bureau. Ask anyone that has used the service before what they think of it and you’ll more than likely receive a positive answer.

OxfordTrafficViolatorSchool.com Customer Support Overview


Despite their many positives, Oxford Traffic Violator School falls somewhat short in the customer service department. As a brick and mortar operation, they only offer live phone support during business hours. So when should you plan your customer support phone call? The best time is between 10am and 5pm Monday to Friday. If you must call outside of these hours, you’ll likely be required to leave a voice message. You can also try sending an email to their customer support email address.

How OxfordTrafficViolatorSchool.com Works

Registration, coursework, final exam. Those are the three steps to the Oxford Traffic Violator School online traffic course process. And each step is designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible for increased ease of use. Let’s start by taking a look at registration. All you have to do is enter your basic personal and ticket information into the provided fields. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be asked for your payment information. The company then runs a quick check on all of this information to verify your identity. Identity verified, you’ll be granted access to the course material. You can dive in and get started on it right away. Your progress will be saved automatically so feel free to log in and out as you please. Indeed, the ability to complete the course work in multiple sittings is one of the top benefits of online traffic school over classroom traffic school. The coursework offered by Oxford Traffic Violator School is divided into several chapters. As you work your way through these chapters, you’ll be confronted with a series of short multiple-choice quizzes. These are designed to ensure that you’re actually reviewing the course material, not just speeding through it. When you’re finished with the course material, it’s time to get ready for the final exam. Have no fear though – the final exam is completely open book. On top of this, you have two chances to pass it before retaking the course. The Oxford Traffic Violator School final exam consists of 25 multiple-choice questions and requires a passing grade of 70 percent or better.

How Long Does the OxfordTrafficViolatorSchool.com Course Take?

Oxford Traffic Violator School meets all of California’s DMV regulations. This means that it’s designed to be the equivalent of 8 hours of classroom study. At the same time, however, the DMV does not require the use of course timers for online traffic school. This means you’re allowed to complete the coursework in whatever amount of time you need.

What We Like About OxfordTrafficViolatorSchool.com

There’s a lot to like about this online traffic school. It’s quick, easy, convenient, and affordable. However, the thing we like most is the fact that the online course is provided by a reputable brick and mortar traffic school.

What We Don’t Like About OxfordTrafficViolatorSchool.com

The big thing we dislike about this online traffic school is its lackluster customer service. Though we do understand the fact that it’s a small business, we would like to see better support hours. This isn’t to say that the support isn’t outstanding when you do contact a live representative though.

In Summary

Good not great is what we can say about Oxford Traffic Violator School. For one of the most legitimate and reputable schools around, choose this one. Unfortunately, if you’re worried about receiving the best customer service possible, you might be better off with a different selection.

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