No one gets in their car in the morning hoping to get a traffic ticket later that day. Yet, chances are, you’ll receive such a ticket at some point are another. This is especially true for those of us that live in California. While the state is a wonderful place to live and calling it home has many benefits, easy driving conditions are certainly not one of them. Luckily, California has an innovative program in place that allows you to reduce some of the negative consequences of getting a traffic ticket. The program is designed for those that get caught making minor traffic violations on an infrequent basis. It basically allows you to take a special traffic violators course to mask the ticket from your record. Though the benefits of this are numerous, the top one is preventing your insurance premiums from rising.

Top-Rated Online Traffic Schools

So how do you select the best traffic school in California? It starts by looking at a number of online traffic schools. Though classroom courses are still offered, there really is no reason to take one if you have an Internet-connected device at your disposal. Simply put, online traffic school is far quicker, easier, and more convenient than their classroom counterparts. Below we hone in on Easy Come Easy Go Traffic School, just one of the dozens upon dozens of traffic schools available in California. We look at a number of different factors related to the service. If you’re interested in Easy Come Easy Go Traffic School, then our review will help you decide whether it’s the best company for you.

Is A Legit Online Traffic School?

There is no need to worry about getting scammed when it comes to Easy Come Easy Go Traffic School. It’s a completely legitimate company. For starters, they are certified by the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles with a DMV license number of E0528. On top of this, they maintain a solid reputation with both their previous customers and the Better Business Bureau. Customer Support Overview

Customer support is essential to the success of any online traffic school. Because the services are based entirely online, it’s vital that you’re able to contact a live representative promptly with your question. So how does Easy Come Easy Go Traffic School stack up? We have to say so-so. While they claim to offer extended customer support hours, they don’t really elaborate on this. Their website states you can call a live representative on the phone between the hours of 8am and 4pm PST Monday to Friday. They then go on to claim that you can also call them on the phone on evenings, weekends, and holidays. The problem is that they don’t list specific extended hours.

How Works


Before selecting Easy Come Easy Go Traffic School as your online traffic school of choice, it’s important to have a basic understanding of how it actually works. Fortunately, it’s very easy to understand. The entire process, from start to finish, consists of three main steps. First comes registration. Here you’re asked to enter accurate personal information followed by accurate ticket information. You’ll then be asked a few additional questions to verify your identity. If everything checks out, you’ll be given access to the course material. The course material offered by Easy Come Easy Go can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection. Review the course material at your own pace. Easy Come Easy Go allows you to log in and log out as needed. In other words, you can complete the course in multiple sittings. Your progress is saved automatically. The last step to the Easy Come Easy Go Traffic School process is taking the final exam. It’s built up of 25 DMV-approved questions. All of these are multiple choice in nature. You must score 70 percent or better to pass.

How Long Does the Course Take?

The course offered by Easy Come Easy Go Traffic School is quite quick and efficient compared to the competition. Though it’s designed to last about 8 hours, many people can finish it, final exam and all, in less than a single hour.

What We Like About

Ease of use is Easy Come Easy Go’s biggest benefit. It’s incredibly easy to figure out how to use. Better yet, the final exam is very easy to pass. Does it really get much better than that?

What We Don’t Like About

The company needs to elaborate on their customer support hours. While it’s a huge plus if they actually do offer live phone support on evenings, weekends, and holidays, it really doesn’t do much good if they don’t list the specific hours to call.

In Summary

You won’t go wrong by choosing Easy Come Easy Go Traffic School. The service is affordable, convenient, and very easy. Once again, what more do you really need?

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