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California is a challenging place to drive, no matter how good a driver you are. There is a strong chance you might find yourself the recipient of a traffic ticket at some point. Fortunately, the state allows you to attend traffic school to erase the violation from your record. But you shouldn’t just go out and sign up for the first online traffic school you see. With dozens upon dozens of online traffic schools in California, it goes without saying that some are better than others. That’s why we hope that our review of Book Traffic School helps you make the best decision possible for yourself.

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Is A Legit Online Traffic School?

Book Traffic School is as legitimate and certified as they come. With a DMV license number of E0337, they are certified to operate in every California county. The company offers both their popular Internet traffic course as well as a booklet traffic course. They don’t offer traditional classroom courses. Like the majority of online traffic schools, Book Traffic School doesn’t offer a whole lot of information about themselves on their website. We don’t understand why this is. It’s equally difficult to find information about the company elsewhere online. It simply helps establish trust between a company and the customer when the customer can easily access actual information about the company’s history and experience. Customer Support Overview


Book Traffic School is one of those online traffic schools that provide superior customer service. While it’s not the absolute best in the industry, it’s close. So what does excellent customer service look like in their case? It starts with live phone support from 8:00am to 9:00pm 7 days a week. That means Monday to Friday – and Saturday and Sunday. Not many of Book Traffic School’s competitors offer anything close to that. Book Traffic School also provides email customer support. Whether you choose to call or email, you’ll receive prompt, professional, and friendly service. The company truly does take customer service seriously.

How Does Work?

The way that Book Traffic School works is simple and straightforward. The company designed their coursework to be as fast and as easy to use as possible. They know you’d rather not take an online traffic course in the first place, so they’ve made theirs incredibly quick to complete. Using Book Traffic School starts with registration. They’ve made the signup process as easy as everything else. It takes just a few minutes to enter your personal information as well as your ticket information. A few additional questions are asked to help verify your identity. As soon as registration is complete, you may begin to work on the course material. Book Traffic School has attempted to make their coursework more interesting by incorporating pictures, videos, and other graphics into the content. A final exam follows the coursework. Approved by the DMV, it contains 25 multiple-choice questions. 70 percent must be answered correctly to pass. Immediately after passing, your certificate of completion is processed and sent to the court. You’re already well on your way to erasing your violation from your record.

How Long Does the Course Take?

The amount of time that it takes to complete the Book Traffic School course varies from person to person. There is no required time limit. Instead, you may complete the coursework however quickly or slowly you like. However, it’s important to remember that you must spend at least enough time on it to pass the final exam at the end.

What We Like About

There are a lot of things to like about Book Traffic School. For starters, it’s affordable, fast, and convenient. The company truly makes their service as easy to use as possible. Add in the fact that there are no hidden fees (which is unfortunately all too common among online traffic schools) and using Book Traffic School just got all the better. Then there is the excellent customer service, which is hard to beat.

What We Don’t Like About

There isn’t much to dislike about Book Traffic School. Perhaps the only negative is their lack of transparency on their website. It’s incredibly difficult to find out anything about the company. And that does little to build trust and reputability with customers.

In Summary

Book Traffic School is a great choice for an online traffic school. Their customer service is reason enough in itself to choose this company over the vast majority of others. Add in their affordable pricing, engaging coursework, and the ease of use of the service as a whole and it’s easy to see why Book Traffic School has long been a favorite in California.

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