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Explore Traffic School offers extended customer service hours, a mobile-dedicated website, secure registration, and has more than 10 years of experiencing in helping drivers survive traffic school. It goes over and above in offering services that most other online schools do not. Are those extra services worth the higher price tag?

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Is Explore Traffic School Legitimate?


Explore Traffic School operates under California DMV license E0563. It is owned and operated by Leoark LLC. Leoark owns several traffic schools, including Expert Traffic School, US Traffic Academy, and All in One Traffic School to name a few. It has been operating in California for well over a decade and has never had an administrative action against it. Explore Traffic School was issued its license in August of 2014. The contact address is: WWW.EXPLORETRAFFICSCHOOL.COM 6399 WILSHIRE BLVD STE 208M LOS ANGELES CA 90048 Tel: (800)230-5187

Customer Support


Traffic schools operated by Leoark are serviced by the same outstanding support specialists who are available seven days per week from eight in the morning until nine at night. The support hours are the most extensive offered by an online traffic school, which means that users don’t need to take time off of work to get technical or curriculum questions answered. Customer support from Explore Traffic School is well above average and sets the standard by which all other traffic schools are measured.

Mobile Friendliness

Leoark has stayed current with technological trends and that has led the company to upgrade its online traffic schools to support mobile devices. That means that users can access Explore Traffic School from a smartphone, tablet, or traditional computer without any problems. Mobile device support makes it easier for people to complete their courses on time and with minimal hassle.

How It Works


Explore Traffic School offers a standard defensive driving curriculum that allows users to complete the coursework at their own pace. Each chapter is ended by a three-question quiz designed to test a learner’s knowledge. Passing all of the quizzes virtually guarantees passing the final exam. The final exam must be passed with a score of 70% or higher. Users may take the exam twice if they like. After two failed attempts, a user must retake the course. Certifications are processed the same day. Users will be required to answer personal identity validation questions several times during the quizzes and at least once during the exam. These questions are designed to ensure that the right person is taking the exam. Often, identification is one of the biggest problems for online traffic schools. Explore Traffic School has a state-of-the-art system and very few issues.


The internet course costs $25.99, which makes Explore Traffic School one of the more expensive options on the market. That said, the additional cost pays for a mobile-friendly service that few other online schools offer as well as extended customer service hours that are the benchmark for competitors. A booklet course is relatively less expensive that what most other online schools offer and costs just $37.99. Explore Traffic School is an excellent option for anyone who wants a paper booklet to study from.

What We Like

Customer service is industry-leading and the mobile support is the best offered by any online driving school. The company that operates the site is well-established and has been offering traffic courses for over a decade. It’s hard to find fault with the curriculum, the website, or the support that Explore Traffic School offers.

What We Don’t Like

The only real downside to Explore Traffic School is cost. There is no price-match guarantee, so the rock-bottom price is $25.99. That’s about ten dollars more than the cheapest alternative online traffic schools.


It’s hard to find fault with Explore Traffic School. It offers great customer service and outstanding support for mobile devices. The best way to think of Explore Traffic School is as a no-hassle way to complete an online traffic course. Everything is taken care of so that all users have to do is read the curriculum, take the quizzes, and pass the exam. Explore Traffic School has handled everything else. Though the price is a bit higher than most other schools, it seems justified given the extensive services that are being offer. Explore Traffic School earns an above average ranking among online traffic schools.

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