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You didn’t mean to tear down the highway like your wheels were on fire, but you were deep in conversation, and you weren’t paying attention to the speedometer. And since you got busted, you now have to attend traffic school so that your insurance rates won’t go up, and that means spending your favorite day of the week stuck in a miserable classroom with a sorry group of other traffic violators. Or does it? Not in California! In California, online traffic school is your ticket out of the classroom, and California Comedy Course Traffic School is one of hundreds of online traffic courses you can choose from in California.

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Is California Comedy Course Traffic School Legit?

California Comedy Course Traffic School opened its virtual doors is 2014, and they’re licensed by the DMV to provide traffic school online for all courts and counties in California. Their website is fully secured so that your personal information will be safe. California Comedy Course Traffic School is as legit as they come.

Features of California Comedy Course Traffic School


California Comedy Course Traffic School’s course costs $18.95. The price includes the course, the final exam, and the immediate electronic transmission of your completion certificate to the presiding court and the DMV. True to their name, California Comedy Course Traffic School offers a comedy course that will “have you laughing while you learn.” While we can’t vouch for the quality of the humor – how funny can you really make traffic school? – it’s nice that they at least attempt to keep you entertained and take some of the edge off of having to take traffic school. The course is available on all of your web-enabled devices, which means that you don’t have to worry about being tied to your desktop or laptop computer to take it. California Comedy Course Traffic School promises “immediate” completion reporting, which we have to assume means that they’ll transmit your completion certificate the moment you pass the final exam. Most traffic schools take up to three days to transmit the certificate, which is fine unless you waited until the last possible minute to complete your course by deadline. Other courses charge an additional $25 to transmit your certificate the same day you complete the course. Customer support is available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 7 a.m. to noon.

How it Works


Once you register and pay on the secure site, you can start taking your course right away. You can come and go as much as you like, and when you return, you’ll be directed to the point where you left off. Each chapter includes a short quiz at the end that will help you prepare for the final. The final exam has 25 questions, and it’s open-book, so you can look back through the course to find the answers. To pass the test, you have to get a score of 70 percent or higher. If you somehow manage to fail the test, you get another opportunity to take it. But you shouldn’t fail the test, considering you’re taking it on the Internet, and the Internet is just full of answers.

What We Like About California Comedy Course Traffic School

We like that you can take the course on your mobile devices, and we like that customer support has Saturday and evening hours. We like that this is a comedy course, which may help keep you engaged and entertained to some extent. We especially like the fact that they offer immediate electronic submission of your completion certificate.

What We Don’t Like About California Comedy Course Traffic School

We don’t know whether this course is timed. If it is, you’ll have to spend an allotted amount of time on each chapter before moving on. For fast readers or those who prefer to skim the course and take the final in a single sitting, timers can put a wrench in those plans.

Rating for California Comedy Course Traffic School

California Comedy Course Traffic School doesn’t really stand out as one of the best or one of the worst online traffic schools. It’s perfectly legit, it may stimulate your funny bone, and it’s available on mobile devices. But it may or may not be timed, and if you fail the test both times, you’ll have to pay to take the course again, since they don’t offer it again for free like some other courses do. California Comedy Course Traffic School would have earned three perfectly adequate stars if it weren’t for the fact that they transmit the certificate immediately, which means they get an extra star, making them a little above average.

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