Academy Traffic School Review

One of the top online traffic schools in California, Academy Traffic School has a stellar reputation no matter who you talk to. The Department of Motor Vehicles, the Better Business Bureau, and past customers all recognize Academy Traffic School’s online traffic school course as one of the absolute best around. So what makes Academy Traffic School tick? What does the company do to set themselves apart from their competition? Our review of Academy Traffic School below discusses the questions and more. If you’re looking into a traffic violator course to remove a violation from your permanent record, then this is one online option that’s definitely worth looking into.

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Is A Legit Online Traffic School?


Academy Traffic School is just about as legit as online traffic schools come. In fact, their great overall reputation and track record of happy customers are two of the things we like most about the company. For starters, Academy Traffic School is fully licensed and bonded by the DMV. Their DMV license number is E1533. Furthermore, they are licensed to operate in all of California’s 58 counties. No matter where you live in the state, you can use this online traffic school (as long as your driving violation also occurred somewhere in the state). Beyond their good standing with the DMV, Academy Traffic School has also maintained a solid reputation with the Better Business Bureau since they were founded in 2003. Customer Support Overview


The goal behind Academy Traffic School is simple. They want to help you pass your online traffic school course in whatever way they can. And they know that one of the most helpful things any online traffic school can do is provide great customer support. That’s exactly why Academy Traffic School boasts such a commitment to customer support. Available during weekday business hours (9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday) as well as 10am to 3pm on Saturdays, the entire customer support team at Academy Traffic School is friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced. You’ll find the answer to your question in a heartbeat and without any semblance of hassle.

How Works

The online traffic school course available from Academy Traffic School is as easy to use and well set up as any other in California. Like most, it consists of three basic steps: registering, taking the course, and passing the final exam. Registration is simple and takes a matter of minutes at most. You’ll be asked to enter your personal information as well as basic information regarding your traffic ticket. A handful of personal identity questions will then be asked to further verify your identity. You’re able to start on the coursework as soon as your identity is verified and your payment information is processed. The coursework consists of 10 chapters divided up by subject. Though these are largely text-heavy, they also contain an ample amount of pictures, videos, and images to break up the monotony of the reading. Each chapter contains a short quiz. These quizzes consist of 5 questions that relate to the course material you just reviewed. You must pass each of these quizzes (they’re all open book) before you’re allowed to move onto the next chapter. The third and final step of an Academy Traffic School online course is the final exam. Approved by the DMV, this final exam consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. The entire exam is open book so there really is no reason you shouldn’t receive a high score. You are required to score at least 70 percent or better to pass the final exam.

How Long Does the Course Take?

Course timers aren’t required for Academy Traffic School’s online course. This means that there is no required time limit for the course. You’re able to complete it in as little or as much time as you need. With that said, most people take between 6 hours and 8 hours to thoroughly review the associated material.

What We Like About

Low cost, convenience, and ease of use are all things we like about Academy Traffic School. Yet it’s their overall reputation as a trustworthy and honest online traffic school that really sets them apart in an oversaturated industry.

What We Don’t Like About

There really aren’t very many negatives to the Academy Traffic School experience. Perhaps the only one that we can pinpoint is their lack of 24/7 customer service. While this won’t affect the majority of users, it is something that many of the top online traffic schools are starting to provide.

In Summary

So what’s the verdict? How does Academy Traffic School stack up against the competition? At the end of the day, we feel this is one of the better online traffic schools in California. They have everything a great online traffic school needs (convenience, affordability, ease of use) and pair it with a stellar track record.

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