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No matter how skilled, experienced, or careful of a driver you are, you’re bound to slip up and make a driving mistake at some point in your life. If you’re like a lot of people, this mistake will unfortunately occur when a police officer is watching. Enter online traffic school. These services are specifically designed to act as a remedial driving course after you receive a traffic violation. Depending on the nature of your violation, attending an online traffic school might just count towards erasing the violation from your permanent record. There are literally dozens upon dozens of online traffic schools certified by the DMV in California. As you’d expect, some are better than others. The key here is sorting through all the options. Below we review 5 Bucks Easy, located at 5BucksEasy.com. Is this the right online traffic school for you? Read on below to find out.

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Is 5BucksEasy.com A Legit Online Traffic School?


Yes, 5 Bucks Easy is a legit online traffic school. It’s as easy an answer as that. So what proves their legitimacy? Their certification with the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) since 1998 certainly doesn’t hurt. Their DMV registration number is currently E0728. Another factor we really like about 5 Bucks Easy is that they maintain pages on social media, specifically Facebook. Their Facebook page helps maintain legitimacy and authenticity by allowing you to see what other users think of the service.

5BucksEasy.com Customer Support Overview

Customer support is above average at 5 Bucks Easy, which is surprising in itself coming from a company that charges only $5 for their online traffic school. They provide a live customer service phone line between the hours of 8am and 5pm PST Monday to Friday. On top of this, they provide live technical support 24/7. 5 Bucks Easy also provides a simple contact page on their website. All inquiries are answered within 24 hours except on weekends and holidays.

How 5BucksEasy.com Works

5 Bucks Easy is actually not all that difficult to figure out how to use. In fact, it works in almost the exact same fashion as the rest of California’s other online traffic schools. Namely, it consists of three basic steps: registration, the course itself, and the final exam. Registration is simple. 5 Bucks Easy has made signing up as easy as possible to attract the most customers. All that you have to do is enter the required personal and ticket information into the highlighted fields. After your identity has been verified, you’ll be prompted to enter your preferred payment information. Now that registration is complete, it’s time to embark on the course itself. 5 Bucks Easy splits their course into multiple sections. Each of these sections is followed by a brief quiz. The point of these quizzes is to ensure you’re actually reviewing the material. You must pass each quiz to unlock the next portion of the coursework. To be honest, the 5 Bucks Easy coursework isn’t that exciting. To be even more honest, it’s very boring. But there is really no getting around that fact. That’s just the way that all online traffic schools are designed. Fortunately, 5 Bucks Easy attempts to ease even just a little bit of the boredom by incorporating pictures, videos, and animations into the mix. The final exam is only available after you complete all of the coursework and associated quizzes. It consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. All of them are approved by the DMV. You must answer at least 70 percent of these questions correctly to pass. 5 Bucks Easy gives you an unlimited number of attempts to pass the final exam. Simply put, you’re all but guaranteed to pass this particular online traffic school.

How Long Does the 5BucksEasy.com Course Take?

The 5 Bucks Easy course is designed to take about 8 hours. However, no course timers are required. This means you can complete the exam in as little or as much time as you need.

What We Like About 5BucksEasy.com

There are a lot of benefits to 5 Bucks Easy online traffic school. Chief among them is the price. At only $5, it is by far one of the cheapest courses in California. On top of that, we also like the course’s ease of use and intuitive design.

What We Don’t Like About 5BucksEasy.com

There isn’t much to dislike about 5 Bucks Easy online traffic school. In fact, the only real thing we can think of is their outdated website. Unfortunately, it’s so outdated that it’s hard to navigate at times. Even just a brief touchup to get the website up to speed would be greatly appreciated.

In Summary

5 Bucks Easy is an outstanding online traffic school in California. While it might not be the absolute best, it certainly is close. And it only costs $5 altogether.

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