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*** READY SET TRAFFIC SCHOOL IS NO LONGER IN OPERATION *** Ready Set Traffic School offers a best-price guarantee, courses without timers, and a “pass-or-we-pay” guarantee. The school throws out a lot of incentives, but is it the best online traffic school for most learners?

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Is Ready Set Traffic School Legitimate?

Ready Set Traffic School holds a DMV-issued license (#0593) for the state of California. It is owned by Internet Educational Programs, the same company that owns and operates Most Wanted Traffic School. There are no current or prior administrative actions against Ready Set Traffic School. The school has been operating since 29 September 2014.


The contact address is: READYSETTRAFFICSCHOOL.COM 3440 WILSHIRE BLVD 258 LOS ANGELES CA 90010 Tel: (855)268-4267

Customer Support

Ready Set Traffic School provides customer support via email and phone. Both are available Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. In other words, customer service is minimal and confined to working hours. The site does offer a toll free information line, but that provides no direct service or specific answers to questions. The minimal customer service helps to keep prices low, but could be problematic for people who have never taken an online traffic course, have difficulty with identity verification, or who require assistance with registration. People who work during the day will find it difficult to contact customer service.

Mobile Friendliness

The Ready Set Traffic School curriculum can be accessed from any internet-connected computer. Note that this does not say “internet-connected device.” While it is possible to connect on a mobile device, Ready Set Traffic School is not optimized for mobile devices. Large tablets will work, but reading material and taking exams on a smartphone can be difficult.

How It Works

Ready Set Traffic School offers a basic curriculum made up of 11 chapters. Each chapter has a 5-question multiple choice practice quiz associated with it. Users must pass the chapter’s quiz in order to move to the subsequent chapter. Quizzes can be re-taken multiple times. There are no timers, however, so users can skim through material and simply take the practice quizzes in order to complete the course quickly. The final exam is only unlocked once all quizzes have been passed with a score of at least 70%.


Payment is through credit card with no option for PayPal. The internet-only course costs $16.95. There is a $50.00 fee for a booklet. Users who fail the final exam will not be charged.

How Long Does the Course Take?

Ready Set Traffic School meets the minimum requirements as set forth by the DMV. There are no timers, so progress through material can be rapid. Passing scores on all quizzes are required to move on to subsequent chapters and the final exam, so that can slow progress to some extent. The course can be completed in a single day and even in a single sitting.

What We Like

Ready Set Traffic School offers a simple curriculum at a very low price (among the best on the internet). Users looking for an inexpensive traffic school will be pleased not just with the low price, but with the “pass-or-we-pay” guarantee as well. We like that users are required to pass practice quizzes with at least a 70% score before being allowed to take the final. This all but ensures a passing grade on the final exam.

What We Don’t Like


Customer service is limited, which can be problematic for users who have issues on evenings or weekends. That said, the price of the course would likely be higher if additional customer service hours were offered. The tradeoff is acceptable, allowing users to decide between Ready Set Traffic School’s low cost and limited customer service and other traffic schools that offer greater service, but at a higher price. The school does not offer dedicated support for mobile devices. Mobile support is critical given that most people now access the internet through a mobile device. The course can be consumed on larger devices, like tablets, but is almost non-functional on smartphones. As with customer service, adding mobile support would likely increase the price of Ready Set Traffic School. Ready Set Traffic School is a bit boring. The curriculum isn’t designed to by funny or entertaining. The school is clearly geared toward those wishing to complete their traffic training quickly and efficiently.


Ready Set Traffic School is a good buy, but not an outstanding product. Users will get a basic curriculum and everything they need to complete traffic school, but little more. The price is very low and the school does not charge users who fail the exam. Overall, the school receives just an average rating, mostly because it lacks support for mobile devices. *** READY SET TRAFFIC SCHOOL IS NO LONGER IN OPERATION ***

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