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Your mama always says, “Drive safely,” and now you know why you should always listen to your mother. Now, you’re faced with all manner of fines and fees, and unless you want your insurance rates to encroach on your entertainment fund, you also have to go back to school. Traffic violator school, that is. But the good news is that there’s this little thing called the Internet that allows to you take traffic school online, leaving your sacred Saturdays free and clear. You can take online traffic school anywhere in California as long as you choose a provider who’s licensed statewide by the DMV. Fun For You Traffic School is one such entity. Let’s see how they stack up, shall we?

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Is Fun For You Traffic School Legit?

It was in 2013 that Fun For You Traffic School joined the crowded party that is online traffic school, making them relative newcomers to the California traffic violator school scene. Their course is licensed in all counties in the state, and this makes Fun For You Traffic School as legit as any other of the hundreds of traffic schools in California.

Features of Fun For You Traffic School


Fun For You Traffic School will only set you back $19.99, which is a pretty standard price. It’s not the cheapest by any means, but it’s also not the most expensive. That one-time fee gets you your traffic violator course, the final exam, the electronic submission of your completion certificate to the DMV, and the relief that comes with knowing that you’re done, it’s all over, and your insurance rates won’t shoot through the roof. Fun For You Traffic School’s website is secured with 100-bit encryption over a private connection, ensuring that your private information stays that way. The course is available on most of your mobile devices, which is nice, since not all traffic schools enable you to take the class while you’re on the train, at the beach, camping in the forest, or hurtling down Space Mountain. If you start taking the course and decide that traffic violator school is for the birds and you’d rather drink three fewer microbrews each Friday night to compensate for the increased insurance rate, Fun For You Traffic School will refund your money as long as you haven’t completed the final exam. Did we mention this is a comedy course? That’s why it’s called “Fun For You” Traffic School and not “Bored Out Of Your Skull” Traffic School. Yes, Fun For You Traffic School wants to you have fun while you’re taking your course, and so they’ve included hilarious traffic jokes. Q: What is the difference between a flashing red traffic light and a flashing yellow traffic light? A: The color. (Badump bump pshhhhh!) Customer support is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. You can call during those hours, or you can send an email, which they’ll answer within a few hours to one business day.

How it Works

Once you sign up and pay for the course, you can start taking it right away. The system tracks and saves your progress so that if you move through the course in short sessions, you’ll be taken back to where you left off when you sign back in. Each chapter of the course is followed by a short quiz that’ll help you prepare for the final exam. The final has 25 multiple choice questions, and you have to get a 70 percent to pass. You get two tries to pass the final, and if you fail both times, you’ll have to pay to take another course. But you would probably have to try pretty hard to fail the exam, because you can use your notes or look back through the course material to find the answers. No self-respecting adult should fail an open-book test. What would your mother say? After you ace the final, Fun For You Traffic School transmits the completion certificate directly to the DMV and the presiding court. While Fun For You Traffic School doesn’t clarify how long it’ll take to transmit, most traffic schools do it within 3 business days or sooner.

What We Like About Fun For You Traffic School

We like that you can get your money back if you don’t like the course for some reason, as long as you haven’t taken the final exam yet. We like that you can take the course on your iPhone, Android, or tablet if you so choose.

What We Don’t Like About Fun For You Traffic School

Customer support is limited to banker’s hours, which makes it kind of hard to get the help you need if you have a nine-to-fiver and can only work on the course during the evenings and weekends. But they answer emails within one business day – usually sooner – and you can always put in that call on your lunch break.

Rating for Fun For You Traffic School

Fun For You Traffic School is a licensed and reputable traffic violator school in California. They don’t offer some of the same benefits other schools may offer, but they also have some perks that others may not. Fun For You Traffic School gets a perfectly respectable, decidedly average score of 3 out of 5 stars.

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