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650 Traffic School is among the fastest and most efficient online traffic schools around. Certified for use in every California county, they have helped hundreds of people erase traffic violations from their driving records. We break down the ins and the outs of the company and their online traffic school service in our review of 650 Traffic School below. If you’re considering this service, then our review will help point you in the right direction.

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Is 650TrafficSchool.com A Legit Online Traffic School

There is no denying that 650 Traffic School is a legit online traffic school. The company is certified for statewide use, in all counties, by the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles. Their DMV certification number is E0306. Unfortunately, 650 Traffic School doesn’t provide much information about their company beyond their DMV licensing number. This is an all too common problem among online traffic schools. Their “About Us” section doesn’t provide an ounce of information about their history or background. Instead, it simply talks about the services that they offer. We’d like it if they would provide a little more information about their background on their website. Even just a few sentences on who owns the company and when it was founded would be appreciated. The secrecy and lack of transparency of 650 Traffic School does nothing to establish a feeling of trust between customer and company.

650TrafficSchool.com Customer Support Overview

Customer support is not an area that 650 Traffic School excels in. We don’t mean that their customer support is terrible by any means. It’s just lackluster. There is nothing special about it. Nothing that makes it stand out from the crowd. So what are the details on 650 Traffic School’s customer support? For starters, it’s only offered between the hours of 8am and 5pm PST on Mondays through Fridays. 24/7 customer service is becoming standard in the online traffic school industry, and we’d like to see every company – including 650 Traffic School – step it up and meet these new expectations.

How 650TrafficSchool.com Works

Remedial traffic school is made easy with a course from 650 Traffic School. Everything about the service that they offer is simple and straightforward. There is nothing confusing about using this service. Registration is easy with 650 Traffic School. All you have to do is enter your personal information and ticket information. A few questions are then asked to help verify your identity. At this point, you’ll be prompted to enter your payment information. As soon as your payment information is verified with 650 Traffic School, you can start in on the coursework. The course material is a blend of reading, animations, pictures, and videos. There are also a handful of interactive exercises scattered throughout. The material is divided up into 10 sections. A short quiz follows each section. You must pass each quiz to move on to the following section. The most important part of the 650 Traffic School course is the final exam. The exam is made up of 25 multiple-choice questions. You must answer at least 70 percent of these 25 questions correctly to pass the exam. 650 Traffic School offers same-day processing when you complete your exam. A completion certificate is automatically sent to the court and DMV. At this point, you are well on your way to removing your driving violation from your record.

How Long Does the 650TrafficSchool.com Course Take?

The great thing about 650 Traffic School is that it takes everyone a different amount of time to complete. You can spend as little or as much time on the course material as you need. Though some people complete it in as little as one hour and others take up to ten, the recommended amount of time is somewhere in the vicinity of six.

What We Like About 650TrafficSchool.com

650 Traffic School does a lot of things right. Chief among them is the website’s great layout. It makes signing up for and subsequently using the service a breeze. It also makes finding answers to any questions you have easy.

What We Don’t Like About 650TrafficSchool.com

There isn’t a whole lot to criticize about 650 Traffic School. Just about the only thing we’d like to see them do different is add in a more detailed “About Us” section. We’d like to know a bit more about the company’s background. Even just a brief description of the company’s history would do wonders to create much better customer trust.

In Summary

650 Traffic School is a great choice when looking for an online traffic school in California. It’s a relatively new service, but it has already established itself as a firm contender. The service is easy to use and affordable. Can you really beat that?

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