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Sign Up Easy School boasts a 99.9% pass rate and a mobile-friendly website. It also claims not to require identify verification through a notary. Users can simply answer standard Personal Identity Verification questions or opt to take the final exam at a testing center. The latter option appears to be unique among online traffic schools. Does Sign Up Easy School have what it takes to obtain a top review?

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Is Sign Up Easy SchoolLegitimate?

Sign Up Easy has been in business since 22 July 2014. The school operates under California license number E0453 and has no current or prior administration actions against it. Though the online version of the school has only been operating since 2014, the school itself has been conducting traffic training since 1998. Sign Up Easy is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating, which should provide users some peace of mind.


The contact address is: WWW.SIGNUPEASYSCHOOL.COM 719 NILES ST M BAKERSFIELD CA 93305 Tel: (855)783-4614

Customer Support

Customer service is standard for most traffic schools, which means the hours of operation are 8am to 5pm and only Monday through Friday. There is no weekend support, which can leave users who do have a problem stuck without the ability to complete their course for several days.

Mobile Friendliness

Sign Up Easy School is optimized for mobile devices, including iPhones and other smartphones. Users will find that access is easy with almost any internet-connected device. The only thing that would make the mobile access simpler if is there were a dedicated app for the school.

How It Works

Registration is online and is based around the use of Personal Identity Validation questions (e.g. name your last two addresses) to confirm a user’s identity. Once registered, users can progress through the material at their own pace. There are no timers, but users are required to answer an additional Personal Identity Validation question before starting a new sections. Users must answer all of these questions and access each chapter (there are a total of 11) before they are allowed to take the final exam. Users are allowed to take the final exam twice. Should they fail after two attempts, Sign Up Easy School will refund the cost of the course.


Payment is via credit card or debit card. The internet only course is $17.95 and there is no booklet option. The website allows users to pay upfront or to try the course and wait to pay until later in the program, before they complete the final exam. Sign Up Easy has a lowest-price guarantee and will credit users the difference on the cost of the course if they find one that is cheaper.

How Long Does the Course Take?

The course is designed to take 340 minutes, but users can progress through the material faster if they wish. The only real requirements are to answer the Personal Identity Validation questions and take the final exam.

What We Like

The school offers mobile support at an outstanding price. It also has a lowest-price guarantee and will refund users who fail to pass the final exam after two attempts. Users also have the option to pay upfront or try the course and pay later if they intend to finish it. It is the most flexible online traffic school, in terms of payment and refunds, that we have come across. The school even makes the phone number for its lowest-price guarantee available right in the FAQ section, indicating that it will honor its offer. The school also works hard to create a unique curriculum. The option to take the course at a testing center is both unique and welcome.

What We Don’t Like

We’d like to see better hours for customer service, but the school does a pretty good job of streamlining registration so that users don’t run into problems. Honestly, there isn’t much to complain about.


Users give Sign Up Easy School an almost perfect rating online. We aren’t going to disagree with users and consider this to be one of the few near-perfect traffic schools on the internet. Users will appreciate the mobile-friendly design, low price, and flexible financial options (refunds, guarantees, etc.). Having been in business for well over a decade, Sign Up Easy is clearly doing something right. Overall, this course can be highly recommended.

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