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*** CHEAP PRICE TRAFFIC SCHOOL IS OUT OF BUSINESS *** Are you singing the Routine Traffic Violation Blues? Clapping your hands and stomping your feet to the Traffic School Boogie? Then raise up your voice in praise that traffic violator school is no longer an eight-hour ordeal that takes place in a classroom on a gorgeous Saturday, and read on about why Cheap Price Traffic School is (or isn’t) your best choice for taking your traffic violator course online.

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Is Cheap Price Traffic School Legit?

Cheap Price Traffic School commenced helping traffic violators avoid increased car insurance rates in 2013, when they became licensed by the California DMV to offer their traffic violator course in all counties statewide. Cheap Price Traffic School is pretty new compared to the old school guys that’ve been around since online traffic school became a thing in the late 1990s. But that’s neither here nor there, really. Cheap Price Traffic School is perfectly legit, and their site is fully encrypted and secured by GoDaddy, ensuring no one will lift your credit card number, and no one will ever know that you had to attend traffic school.

Features of Cheap Price Traffic School


Cheap Price Traffic School lives up to its name with its $16.95 price tag, which is a few bucks less than the typical $19.95, give or take. There are cheaper schools, yes – not many, but some – but there are also those that cost twice what Cheap Price Traffic School is asking. Happily, when it comes to traffic school, cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean lower quality. Cheap Price Traffic School offers a price match guarantee, so if you do find a less expensive course offered by a school that operates in the same county where you got your ticket, Cheap Price Traffic School will match that price. But you have to call for the cheaper price before you pay. Otherwise, no dice. Now, all online traffic schools in California are required by the DMV to electronically submit your completion certificate to both the DMV and the presiding court. Most traffic schools do so within 3 business days, and Cheap Price Traffic School is no different. If you waited until the last possible minute to complete your course, you’ll have to pay kinda dearly for expedited submission, to the tune of $25 for next-day delivery and $15 for 2-day delivery. So either be prepared to pay up, or complete your course well before your deadline. Cheap Price Traffic School will do all of the follow-up work for $10 if you’re too lazy busy to pick up the phone and call the court to make sure they got the certificate and that your ticket has been masked. Customer support is available by email, or you can phone them between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. They also have a 24-hour information line if you have any FAQ, or you can just look through the FAQ on their website. Cheap Price Traffic School’s course is completely devoid of timers, which means that you don’t have to stay on each chapter for a prescribed period of time. That’s always a good thing, because timers really blow, according to scores of reviews on the sites of some of the traffic schools that still use timers (even though they’re generally no longer required by the DMV.)

How it Works

To register, you’ll need your driver’s license number and the citation or court case number. After you pay your $16.95, you can start taking the course, which consists of 11 easy-to-read chapters. Each chapter is followed by a 5-question, multiple choice quiz that you have to pass in order to move on to the next chapter. You can take the quizzes as many times as it takes to get the 70 percent passing grade. When you’re done with the last quiz, you’ll move on to take the final exam, which has 25 multiple choice questions and which you must also pass with at least a 70 percent. You can take the final exam twice, and if you fail it both times, you’ll have to take the course (and pay for it) again. But since the final exam is open book and you can look back through the chapters to find the answers, you shouldn’t have any trouble acing it the first time. If you take the course in short sessions, the system will save your work automatically so you’ll be able to easily pick back up where you left off.

What We Like About Cheap Price Traffic School

Price match guarantees are always nice, and even if you don’t find a cheaper course, $16.95 is a pretty good price for traffic school. We also like that the course isn’t timed – that’s a good reason to choose Cheap Price Traffic School or one like it.

What We Don’t Like About Cheap Price Traffic School

There’s no mention of the availability of the course on mobile devices, and that may be a deal breaker for folks who want to work on it during the more boring hours of the day – in the carpool, during breaks at work, in line at the post office.

Rating for Cheap Price Traffic School

Cheap Price Traffic School is cheap, and they’ll go even lower with their price match guarantee. They have a few perks that some other schools don’t, such as the whole no-timer thing, but they also don’t have some of the perks that some other schools offer, such as the ability to start the course for free and pay before you take the final. Cheap Price Traffic School is neither the greatest traffic school on earth nor the worst. Therefore, they earn a solid 3-star rating, which is neither the greatest rating on earth nor the worst. It’s respectably average. *** CHEAP PRICE TRAFFIC SCHOOL IS OUT OF BUSINESS ***

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