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*** WESTERN TRAFFIC SCHOOL IS NO LONGER IN BUSINESS *** No one ever wants to receive a traffic ticket. In addition to costing a lot of money up front, they come with a host of other negatives. Chief among these are higher auto insurance rates and a scar on your permanent record. Fortunately, those living in California aren’t necessarily stuck with all the negatives that a traffic violation can bring with it. Depending on the specifics of your ticket, you might just qualify to attend an online traffic school. Also known as a remedial driving course, the completion of such a program either completely removes, or significantly reduces, the violation from your driving record. So how do you find a legitimate online traffic school? With dozens in California to choose from, it’s very important that you don’t rush the selection process. It’s also important that you review a number of options. Western Traffic School is just one of these options. We review the ins and the outs of the service below to help you decide whether it matches your personal needs and preferences.

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Is WesternTrafficSchool.com A Legit Online Traffic School?


Western Traffic School is a legit online traffic school. There really is no debate there. It’s certified with the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) with a registration number of E0475. Western Traffic School is certified for use statewide. This means that people in any of California’s many counties can legally use the online traffic school to remove a driving violation from their records.

WesternTrafficSchool.com Customer Support Overview


Great customer support is beyond important in the online traffic school industry. Because the entire service is provided online, it’s essential that customers be able to readily contact live representatives with their questions and concerns. With that said, Western Traffic School gives customers numerous options on how to contact them. The best, by far, is their phone line. It’s staffed with friendly, knowledgeable, and professional representatives from 8am to 5pm PST Monday through Friday. Another way to contact Western Traffic School is through email. They promise to get back to you within 24 hours except on weekends and holidays. The service also provides a customer support page on their website. Here the most common FAQs are answered in detail.

How WesternTrafficSchool.com Works

One of the best aspects of Western Traffic School is just how easy it is to use. The company knows that you’d prefer not to be taking their course in the first place, so they’ve designed every aspect of it to be as straightforward as possible. The entire process is streamlined into three simple steps. Step number one consists of registration. Western Traffic School will need some basic personal and ticket information including your driver’s license, ticket/docket number, State & Court’s name, and complete-by-date. After all of this information has been verified, you’ll be asked to enter your payment information. Step number two consists of the coursework itself. The Western Traffic School course consists of 11 chapters. Each of these chapters is filled with plenty of information broken up with pictures, animations, and videos. We’re definitely not saying that the coursework is interesting, but it’s better than that offered by most companies in the industry. Each chapter is followed by a short quiz. Each quiz consists of 5 questions. You must pass each quiz before moving on to the following chapter. Step number three, the final step, consists of the final exam. It contains 25 multiple-choice questions. You’re required to answer at least 70% of these correctly to pass. Immediately after you complete the course, a certification of completion is sent to the California DMV and the presiding courthouse absolutely free of charge.

How Long Does the WesternTrafficSchool.com Course Take?

8 hours is the recommend amount of time to spend on the Western Traffic School course. Yet because California doesn’t require online course timers, you’re welcome to spend as little or as long as you need on the coursework. For some people, this is as little as 1 hour for others this is as long as 12 hours.

What We Like About WesternTrafficSchool.com

There are a lot of great things about Western Traffic School. At the top of this list is its overall simplicity. The service is easy to use and has an almost zero learning curve. The pass rate is also extremely high -around 99%.

What We Don’t Like About WesternTrafficSchool.com

Even an outstanding online traffic school like Western Traffic School comes with a handful of flaws. At the top of this list is its somewhat scammy vibe. The website is a near exact replica of dozens of other companies in the industry. This does little to create an overall feeling of trust and reputability with customers.

In Summary

Western Traffic School is a solid choice for an online traffic school. It’s simple, easy to use, and affordable. *** WESTERN TRAFFIC SCHOOL IS NO LONGER IN BUSINESS ***

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