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Traffic violator school isn’t exactly fun, but neither is going to the dentist, but if you want nice teeth, you’ve gotta get them cleaned every now and then. And if you want to avoid an increase in your auto insurance rates after getting busted for a moving violation, you’ve got to take traffic school. But nowadays, that’s as easy as taking the course online wherever you find yourself – at work, at school, at home, on the beach. OMG Traffic School is one of several hundred online traffic schools in California.

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Is OMG Traffic School Legit?

OMG Traffic School began operations in January of 2015, making them one of the newest traffic schools in existence in California. But new doesn’t necessarily mean inexperienced or low quality. OMG Traffic School’s website is fully encrypted to ensure your private information stays that way, and they’re licensed by the California DMV to provide traffic school in all California counties. OMG Traffic School is 100 percent legit.

Features of OMG Traffic School


OMG Traffic School costs $25.99, which is a bit higher than the average traffic violator course. The typical price seems to be in the vicinity of $19.95. The course fee includes the 100 percent online course material, the final exam, and the electronic submission of your completion certificate. OMG Traffic School points out that the course is non-refundable. The course is available on most mobile devices, which is particularly nice if you want to take your course here and there while you’re on the go. The course itself is described as easy-to-read, informative, entertaining, and loaded with graphics. It’s not timed, which is a good thing if you’re a fast reader or just want to skim through the material as quickly as possible. After all, you may not follow traffic laws all the time, but you probably know most of them. Customer service is available from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week, which is helpful if you have trouble with the course during the evenings or weekends, which is when many people are most likely to be working on it. Many other traffic schools have limited customer service hours. Same Day Certificate Processing

How it Works


After you sign up and pay your $25.99, you can start taking the course right away. You can finish it in one sitting, or you can work on it in shorter increments, since the system will remember where you left off. Each chapter ends with a 3-question quiz that will help you prepare for the final test, which consists of 25 multiple choice questions, 18 of which you must answer correctly in order to get the passing grade of 70 percent or better. The test is open book, so you can look back through the course to find the answers. If you fail it anyway, you’ll get another attempt. Fail that one, and you’ll have to pay for another course. Once you successfully complete the course, OMG Traffic School will electronically submit the certificate to the DMV and your presiding courthouse. While the $25.99 price tag for the course is rather steep by traffic school standards, they do submit the certificate the same day you complete the course. Most other traffic schools transmit within 3 business days and charge $25 extra for expedited transmission. So if you’ve waited until the very last possible second to start your course, you can actually save money with OMG Traffic School.

What We Like About OMG Traffic School

We like the fact that there are no timers and that you can take the course on all of your mobile devices as well as your desktop or laptop computer. The extended customer service hours are nice, too.

What We Don’t Like OMG Traffic School

The price is rather high for online traffic school, but since they transmit your certificate the same day you complete the course, you can save money by not having to pay extra for same-day transmission.

Rating for OMG Traffic School

OMG Traffic School is more expensive than others, but they offer some perks that others may not, and that may make the higher price worth it to you. They get a solid average rating of three out of five stars – neither the worst online traffic school nor the best.

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