Laugh Out Loud Traffic School

…and that’s what happens when you don’t follow traffic laws! But the good news is, at least you won’t get a point against your license, as long as you take a DMV-certified traffic violator course. And even better news is that you can take your traffic violator course online through the many, many online traffic schools operating in California, one of which is Laugh Out Loud Traffic School.

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Is Laugh Out Loud Traffic School Legit?

Laugh Out Loud Traffic School is licensed by the California DMV to provide online traffic school in all counties in the state, and that makes them full-on legitimate.

Features of Laugh Out Loud Traffic School


Now, Laugh Out Loud Traffic School isn’t so-named because they’re laughing at you for having to take traffic school. Rather, theirs is a comedy course to help you get through the material without wanting to stick a red hot poker through your eyeballs. They promise an entertaining and easy-to-read course with lots of colorful graphics, and they promise not to “waste your time” with mandatory videos. They are here, they point out, to get you “In-and-Out quickly.” Laugh Out Loud Traffic School will set you back $29.95, which is in the upper range of traffic school prices. The tuition includes the course, the final exam, and the electronic transmission of your completion certificate to the DMV and the courthouse. All you have to do is take the course and pass the test, and you’re all done. Laugh Out Loud promises that you won’t be subject to any hidden fees whatsoever. However, if you need same-day processing of your completion certificate because you waited until the very last possible second to take the course, you’ll have to pay extra for that. Laugh Out Loud Traffic School has a couple of benefits over some of the other courses offered in the state. For example, you can start taking Laugh Out Loud’s course without having to pay up front. That way, if you don’t LOL, or if you decide you’d rather get a point against your license than be subjected to one more second of traffic law humor, then you can just drop out without losing any money. Additionally, if you fail the final exam twice – the DMV only allows two attempts – you can take the course again, for free. The site is SSL encrypted, which means that you don’t have to worry about your personal information becoming public or some dirty hacker buying the latest X-Box with your credit card information. You can take the course on your laptop or desktop, or if you prefer to be fully mobile while you’re brushing up on your driving skills, you can take it on your iPhone, Android, or tablet. Although their office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Laugh Out Loud points out that they provide customer support on the evenings, weekends, and court holidays as well as during their normal business hours.

How it Works

Once you register, you can start taking the course right away. Each chapter features a quiz at the end, and upon completion of the course, you’ll have to take a 25-question, multiple-choice final exam and pass it with a 70 percent in order to pass the course. That shouldn’t be a problem, since the course is open-book and you can look back through the material for the answers. Your work is automatically saved as you progress through each chapter, so if you quit for the day or lose your Internet connection, you can pick right back up where you left off. After you pass the final exam, Laugh Out Loud will electronically transmit your completion certificate to the powers that be.

What We Like About Laugh Out Loud Traffic School

We like that you can take this course on your mobile devices, and we like that you don’t have to pay right away, although Laugh Out Loud doesn’t specify whether you pay at some point during the course, right before you take the exam, or after the exam is complete but before they transmit your completion certificate. Still, it’s nice to be able to try it before you buy it. We also like that customer support is available in the evenings, weekends, and court holidays. And, of course, we like that they at least attempt to approach traffic school with humor.

What We Don’t Like About Laugh Out Loud Traffic School

We’re not that thrilled with the hefty price tag. Numerous online traffic schools get away with charging $19.95 or less for basically the same course, and we’re not sure why Laugh Out Loud thinks they’re worth $10 more. But it’s a free country, and if they wanna charge a little more and you’re willing to pay it, all the power to both of yous!

Rating for Laugh Out Loud Traffic School

Mobile access is good, guarantees are always nice, and customer service during the times you’re most likely taking the course – i.e., evenings and weekends – is a bonus. $29.95 is a little steep. Laugh Out Loud Traffic School gets a solid 4 out of 5 stars. LOL!

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