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In today’s day and age, there really is no reason not to opt for online traffic school course over a more traditional classroom traffic school course. The fact of the matter is that they’re a much easier and more efficient way to remove a traffic violation from your permanent driving record. The only problem is that there are just so many online traffic schools to choose from. With so many out there, how can you be sure to select the very best one for your personal needs and preferences? It boils down to taking your time and looking through plenty of reviews on your top choices. Below we review Goodbye Ticket, located at, in more detail. We discuss its ins and outs, its pros and cons. Most importantly, we focus on what we like and dislike about the service. If you’re in the market for an online traffic course, then our review below is for you.

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Is A Legit Online Traffic School?


Goodbye Ticket is just about as legit an online traffic school as there is. It is fully registered and certified with the Department of Motor Vehicles for use in all of California’s 58 counties. The company’s DMV registration number is E0318. Beyond their DMV registration, there is not much that helps prove the legitimacy of Goodbye Ticket, aside from reviews by other happy customers. The company provides very little information about their service on their website. And there is very little information about the company elsewhere online. Customer Support Overview


Unfortunately, Goodbye Ticket is a little vague regarding their customer service. They don’t really provide clear cut information regarding it on their website. They list their office hours as between 7am and 5pm PST Monday to Friday. They go on to state that their entire customer support team is licensed and based out of the United States. Basically, we’d like to see Goodbye Ticket step it up and begin to offer extended customer service hours. The top companies in the industry offer 24/7 support. In addition, more and more companies are beginning to offer slightly extended evening and weekend customer service hours. We feel that Goodbye Ticket needs to match this level of support if they hope to remain competitive in the field.

How Works

It’s not hard to understand how Goodbye Ticket works. The service is designed to be as easy to use as possible. Goodbye Ticket knows that not everyone is a computer expert so their online traffic school is created simple enough for even computer beginners to use. The process starts at signup. An intuitive process prompts you to enter your personal information and ticket information into the provided fields. After your identity has been verified, you’ll be prompted to enter your preferred payment method information. As soon as your payment is verified and processed, you’ll be given immediate access to the Goodbye Ticket course material. Oftentimes, this is mere minutes after you decide to use the service. The course material is broken up into a handful of chapters. Each chapter is filled with pictures, videos, and animations in addition to the written text. The goal of these images is to make the course somewhat more interesting and entertaining. Each chapter of the course is followed by a short quiz. The goal of the quiz is to ensure you’re actually reading and retaining the information in each chapter. You must pass each quiz before moving on to the following chapter. When you’re finished with all of the chapters, you’ll be given the final exam. It consists of 25 multiple-choice questions that are all approved by the DMV. You must answer at least 70 percent of these 25 questions correctly to pass the online traffic school.

How Long Does the Course Take?

The course offered by Goodbye Ticket takes most people 6 to 8 hours on average. In fact, it’s designed to take 8 hours, but the fact that course timers aren’t required for online traffic schools means you can complete the course in as little or as much time as you need.

What We Like About

There are a lot of things we like about Goodbye Ticket. Chief among them is its intuitive and easy-to-use design. The course is easy enough for anyone to jump into right away with success.

What We Don’t Like About

Like most businesses, there are a handful of things that Goodbye Ticket could improve upon. Chief among them is its actual website. While the design itself isn’t bad, they don’t really list much information on it. We’d like to see them update both their “About Us” section and their “Contact Us” section with more relevant, up-to-date information.

In Summary

All in all, Goodbye Ticket is an average choice for an online traffic school. They’re cheap, easy, and convenient. You don’t really need much more than that.

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