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You didn’t see that cruiser hiding behind those bushes, and now you’re in a heap of trouble with the law. Okay, maybe not a heap of trouble – it was just a little incident involving rolling right on through a stop sign – but now you have to take traffic violator school to mask your ticket so your car insurance company doesn’t slap a higher premium on your policy. The happy news is that you don’t have to give up an entire Saturday to attend an in-person traffic violator course, because in California, online traffic school is widely available, which means you can take the course on the train, in a plane, at the bar, or in your car (just not while you’re driving, please!) Golden Driving & Traffic School is but one of the many online traffic schools in California.

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Is Golden Driving & Traffic School Legit?

Licensed by the DMV for statewide use in 1998, Golden Driving & Traffic School is full-on legitimate and one of the oldest traffic schools around. They offer a number of on-site traffic courses in addition to their online traffic violator course, and their website is fully encrypted to ensure your personal information won’t be hacked and used for devious purposes.

Features of Golden Driving & Traffic School


Golden Driving & Traffic School costs $18.99, which is pretty average. It’s certainly not the cheapest, but it’s also not the most expensive. However, there’s very little information on the website about the course, aside from the fact that it’s a comedy course that promises “hilarious traffic jokes,” which is probably a bit of an overstatement. But at least they try to make it somewhat entertaining. There’s no information about the availability of customer support – no email address and no office hours – although there’s a phone number on the site, and since Golden Driving & Traffic School is an actual driving school, their hours are probably similar to bank hours.s There’s also no information about whether the course uses timers, which keep you on each chapter for an allotted period of time, and there’s no information about whether you can take the course on your mobile devices, which leads us to believe you probably can’t.

How it Works

Once you sign up for the course and pay your $18.99, you can start taking it right away. The course consists of a number of chapters, which are followed by a short quiz that you have to pass in order to move on to the next chapter. You have unlimited attempts for passing the quizzes. After you complete all of the chapters, you’ll take the final exam, which consists of 25 questions of the multiple choice variety. You have to get a 70 percent or better to pass the exam, but since it’s open book, that won’t be too hard. Plus, you get two attempts to pass the final. If you fail both times, you’ll have to pay to take the course again. Upon passing the final exam, Golden Driving & Traffic School will electronically transmit your completion certificate to the DMV and presiding court.

What We Like About Golden Driving & Traffic School

We like that Golden Driving & Traffic School has been around since the inception of online traffic schools, and we like that it’s a comedy course, even though we doubt that it’s actually “hilarious.”

What We Don’t Like About Golden Driving & Traffic School

We don’t like that there’s precious little information about the course. Are there timers? Can you take it on your iPhone? Can they expedite the transmission of your completion certificate if you waited until the last minute to take the course? Nobody knows! We also don’t like that there’s no email address or posted customer support hours.

Rating for Golden Driving & Traffic School

While we’re sure that Golden Driving & Traffic School offers a perfectly respectable traffic violator course, the gross lack of information about the details of the course leaves us with no choice but to give Golden Driving & Traffic School two stars, making them slightly below average when comparing them to the vast number of other traffic schools, most of which provide more information about the course and offer incentives like price match guarantees, extended customer support hours, and the ability to take the course on any web-enabled device.

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